Friday Grab Bag + Chance to Win FREE PDF (OMG)!!!

Haven’t done a grab bag in a while, and I stumbled upon a few things this morning that were worth it …


Still looking into setting up message boards. I’m a born penny-pincher, so making the leap into paying for monthly hosting is a tough one for me. Stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to leave comments on the pages.


If you’re running a game set in this time period, and you don’t make use of this, you might in fact suck. Via Retronaut.


Louise Brooks. Just needed to post this.

Oh, and if they’d done John Carter in the 1920’s, she’s your Deja Thoris.


T-tops was always my favorite (and yes, it was to a dinosaur, and they’re called brontosaurus not apatosaurus and Pluto’s a planet and scientists can just bite me). Via LaughingSquid

Here it is in action …


They look like this. I know he didn’t, but Fridtjof Nansen looks like he could go toe-to-toe with a remorhaz. Via Retronaut.


There’s a game here … Cultist who travels in powerful circles decides to build a new tower of Babel in London, SAN checks follow. Via Retronaut.


First person to identify all the mistakes in the picture above wins a free PDF of their choice of something I’ve published. Once I identify the winner and call them out, they’ll need to email me so I can email them the link and password. Via Retronaut (oh, and the artist’s inability to draw worth a shit does not count as a mistake)

Thanks for hanging with me this week – have fun on the internet!

18 thoughts on “Friday Grab Bag + Chance to Win FREE PDF (OMG)!!!

  1. Figure in background:
    Wearing cape, right hand arguably only has 2 fingers, arguably missing collar

    Figure on left: boxing gloves, kerchief, skates, arguably missing collar

    Figure in middle: hat, diving flippers, arguably no thumb on right hand, arguably 4 fingers on left hand

    Figure on right: hat, shovel, no legs

    Figure in foreground: hat, flowers, lipstick?, don't know what he's playing with his left hand but it's a big unexpected


  2. Kirk (Kirk?) and Uhura switched.
    Kirk's cape.
    Spock's scarf, boxing gloves, skates, floods.
    Uhura's bowler, flippers.
    Sulu's cowboy hat, bouquet.
    McCoy's newspaper hat (sure looks like that), shovel.


  3. Kirk and Uhura switched.
    Kirk's cape.
    Spock's scarf, boxing gloves, skates.
    Uhura's bowler, flippers and her skin color.
    Sulu's cowboy hat, bouquet and missing cuff on his left sleeve.
    McCoy's newspaper hat & shovel.


  4. – Sulu is allergic to daisies; he should be holding a tussie-mussie of forget-me-nots.
    – Spock always smiles when he dons his boxing gloves. The thought of punching fellow officers makes him giddy with delight.
    – McCoy buries his life savings in the shuttle bay, not the bridge. But he might be off his meds at the moment, so this might not be a mistake.
    – Uhuru has the week off. She should be with her lovers Glydar and B'Nang, lying on blue sands beneath the twin suns of Omicron 17.
    – The redshirt at the science station is currently assigned to security detail down at the planet's surface. It doesn't matter if he's also High King of Perseus 9 — He has an appointment with destiny.


  5. What is wrong with the picture is that you have not yet colored it in yet! I'm thinking that cape has to be red crushed velvet with spotted white and black fur trim. And, “Damn it, Jim! Where's my scepter and crown!?!?”


  6. Okay…first, good to know that the “hot chicks with guns” thing goes back a long way….now, to try the picture:

    1. Kirk wasn't doused in radioactive chemicals giving him super powers until after the fanfic episodes written by Shatner's ghost author.
    2. Spock, while trying to perform the ancient Vulcan art of Roller-Boxing, can't actually rollerskate!
    3. Uhura is wearing the left-footed flipper on her right foot, and her bowler is in fact a rare hairless tribble.
    4. Sulu actually is not holding a boquet, its flowers from a vase he set up on the navigator's console that just broke due to evasive maneuvers. The problem is, Star Fleet already had rules in place against unsecured vases on deck by the time of Captain Pike, so this is not possible now!
    5. McCoy is preparing to hide the body, but in fact the body is already hidden. Also, that's a normal shovel and not a phaser shovel. No one even manufactures shovels in the 23rd century. Plus, he forgot to take off his nurse's hat from his transgender nurse-dress-up party, and McCoy NEVER forgets to do that. (Cause Sulu reminds him).

    Close? No? Bwah hah hah!!!!!


  7. Also! Jim, set up a paypal donation button. I'd chip in to help cover costs of forum boards. You may not know it, but you're like Kind of a Big Thing now thanks to all the cool games you've published, so it would be awesome to have a place to come talk about B&T, Pars Fortuna, Nod and so forth.


  8. Okay – South3rnG3nt wins for being thorough and getting them all; but Randal Graves also wins because Uhura in the captain's chair could be a mistake; and S. P. wins because he's right, the picture is perfect; and Spawn of Endra also wins, as does mwschmeer; of course, alan also wins because I should have colored it in; and I have to give wins to MysteryChef and Tori for filling in the blanks so nicely.

    Congratulations gentlemen (and ladies – one never knows in internet land) – email me and let me know what you want. I'll the links and passwords out as soon as I can.

    And remember – drink your Ovaltine!


  9. Unfortunately, Louise Brooks never really adapted to the 1930s, like some other actresses did (Myrna Loy, for instance). Shame, too, because besides being so beautiful, she was a great actress…


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