Blood & Treasure Complete is … Complete!

OK – last bit of advertising for a while, I promise!

The complete version of Blood & Treasure, which puts the Players Tome and Treasure Keepers Tome together in one package is now on sale as a …

Hard Cover for $35.99

Soft Cover for $22.99

E-Book (PDF) for $11.99

As before – if you buy a hard cover, send me the Lulu receipt (email address over there to the right) and I’ll send you a link to download the e-book for free.

Glad to finally be finished – hopefully no new errors have crept into it. I’m sending this one straight out without seeing the preview copies, as a few people (you know who you are) have been waiting anxiously. If the game pays for itself plus a little extra, I’ll be ecstatic, but if it does no more than give people an enjoyable game to play, I’ll be satisfied.

I’ll try to get a more substantive post up for you to read tomorrow – thanks for your patience.

8 thoughts on “Blood & Treasure Complete is … Complete!

  1. Man, I should have read the previous comments before ordering. …still glad to finally order the hardcover. I even got ground shipping, which I usually don't do with Lulu. …a version of 3.0 I may actually enjoy DMing.


  2. My Player Guide Hardcover arrived today. TK Tome ordered. Where can I report errata? For example on p.5 the Class Table shows that Assassins can use all weapons, but on p. 6 there is only a limited selection of weapons the Assassin can use…Did I miss something?


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