Mystery Men! is a rules-lite superhero role-playing game based on the original fantasy role-playing game rules. Mystery Men! is designed to let you create characters quickly and get right into the crime fighting. The game is now in its second edition, which streamlined the original to make it even easier to play.

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Second Edition Material

There is much to be had at Anthony Lewis’ RPG Stuff-o-Rama, including character sheets and a random  powers chart.

First Edition Material

The following pieces are for the first edition of the game. The changes between the editions are relatively light, so these should still have value for players and Masterminds alike.

Excellent Random Power Generator at Mutants & Magic!
A kind review of the game at Puzzled Vikings

Download Super Awesome Mystery Men! Character Sheets by Paul Fini

30 thoughts on “MYSTERY MEN!

  1. In the .pdf of Mystery Men! I just printed out, there seems to not be any rules for Character Flaws, although the sample heroes have them. Is there anywhere where you have codified how these work? I love the book btw, and am planning on introducing my gaming group to the game soon. 🙂


  2. A flaw isn't attached to a character, but rather to a power to cut the cost of the power in half. An example would be the Green Lantern's power ring not working on yellow objects, or Superman's powers being negated by Kryptonite, or investing a power in an item (because the item could be destroyed or taken away) or limiting the number of times a power could be used per day. There are no limits here other than the player's imagination and the mastermind's approval.


  3. Ah; got it.

    A second question: a PC once built and earning experience points- do they designate earned EXP into two pools, one for advancement in level, and one for new powers; or do they keep everything in a single pot? If so, how does that work? Or is it that once a PC is generated, they can't develop new powers?


  4. You could actually do it either way. I usually just allow people to keep a single total, and to spend XP when they want, so long as they don't spend so many XP that it would drop them a level.


  5. I tried to download Mystery Men! but the link is broken. I'm not even sure Lulu is still carrying your book (I did a search for it and nothing Mystery Men!-related came back in the first few results).


  6. Yes, it's unavailable at the moment. I've licensed it for a revised edition to someone else, but they're having some production issues. Hopefully it will be back soon. The license lasts until next year, so it will be back eventually.


  7. So, at this point, you are thinking the Fat Goblin version just won't make it out and you will do your own revised version when the rights revert after this year?


  8. I'll get those fixed. There's also a problem with the source file on 2nd edition that I need to fix. When I get a chance, I'll have it back up for sale as a print book. I'm about ready to ditch Lulu and see if the process is easier with DriveThru on doing print books.


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