My Old School Bona Fides

Yeah – anyone can claim to be from the Old School (and thus glory in the fabulous honors and rewards thereof), but can they prove it? I was at the parents’ house last night looking through old photos and found a few of me getting my old D-n-D expert set and a couple AD-n-D books.

You’ll also notice a Crossbows and Catapults add-on and Robotech model in this last one. Don’t know why I’m doing the paparazzi move in the photo though. And though I no longer have the box for the Expert set, I still have the expert books and those AD-n-D books to this day. Actually – I have that Crossbows and Catapults stashed somewhere as well. The Robotech model put up a good fight, but was eventually lost.

10 thoughts on “My Old School Bona Fides

  1. That first picture is awesome.

    Something about pushing monopoly aside and the way you are standing… it begs to be photoshopped into an Elf or Halfling opening a chest and pulling out the “magic box”.


  2. Great share. I was much, much older before my parents got me enough to give me gifts that I wanted without their using the but this is the limit on what is acceptable for a normal gift filter!


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