NOD 10 Goes Live!

NOD 10 – the August issue – is finally live. The Mutant Trucker article was holding things up, but since I had enough material without it, I’m pushing it back to next issue and getting this show on the road. Here’s the description …

NOD is rounding out Summer with the remainder of the Mu-Pan hex crawl begun in issue 8. It also presents the Leech, a new playable class, randomized chimerae, two new races for PARS FORTUNA, two new Demon Lords and a continuation of Phantastes. 80 pages. 

E-Book (PDF) is up for sale at $3.50. I’ll get the print book up once I get my proof copy. You can visit my Lulu shop HERE.

Hopefully, I’ll get a more entertaining and useful post up later today.