Deviant Friday – Dave Johnson Edition

Dave Johnson (Devilpig) has quite a resume – work for Marvel and D.C., a couple d20 Modern covers, some stuff for Ben10 – comics, cartoons and RPGs, all fodder for a blog like mine. He has a style that takes a pat subject and veers off at the last moment to make it interesting, and he creates from very stylish covers for comic books. Enjoy.


These guys recently showed up on a great episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold


This one is my favorite – looks like an illustration that would have appeared in an old pulp magazine of the 1930’s.


It’s not froghemoth, but still nothing to sneeze at …



Cover to d20 Modern, I think. I’ll probably do something with d20 Modern in my retro-engineering series one of these days.

Homemade costume – nice job.


Managed to get Dejah in this time, but not Red.

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