Deviant Friday – Steve LeCouilliard Edition

Steve LeCouilliar, AKA Fearless Fosdick, writes and draws comedy and action-comedy comic books. Specifically comics about a barbarian mom called Una and comics about Much the Miller’s Son. I love his pen and ink work and would love to see some single-panel strips of his show up in old school products a’la the strips that appear in the old DMG.














I would love to have somebody play an Una-like character in a game – barbarian woman with children. Would be lots of fun.

A moment for self-promotion …

Got to see a printer’s proof of my first Hexcrawl Classic for the Frog God yesterday. Looks good – hopefully will be out soon. I’m going to try to put up a permanent page for each “product line” I’m involved with, providing links to the books, blog posts related to them, etc. Hopefully I’ll get them finished this weekend.

Deviant Friday – Dave Johnson Edition

Dave Johnson (Devilpig) has quite a resume – work for Marvel and D.C., a couple d20 Modern covers, some stuff for Ben10 – comics, cartoons and RPGs, all fodder for a blog like mine. He has a style that takes a pat subject and veers off at the last moment to make it interesting, and he creates from very stylish covers for comic books. Enjoy.


These guys recently showed up on a great episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold


This one is my favorite – looks like an illustration that would have appeared in an old pulp magazine of the 1930’s.


It’s not froghemoth, but still nothing to sneeze at …



Cover to d20 Modern, I think. I’ll probably do something with d20 Modern in my retro-engineering series one of these days.

Homemade costume – nice job.


Managed to get Dejah in this time, but not Red.

Deviant Friday – Chris Stevens Edition

Chris Stevens (Chriss2D on DeviantArt) covers the width and breadth of geekdom – from role playing games to comic books to toy lines. Trying to pick and choose from his gallery on DeviantArt was very tough, but I’ve tried to create a nice sample of his work from different sub-genres. Oh, and the two requisite pin-ups weren’t left out!

And finally …

Deviant Friday – Mahmud A. Asrar Edition

Today we wander back into pin-up land with Mahmud A. Asrar, Anjum on DeviantArt. Most of Anjum’s work is in the superhero genre and Star Wars. Enjoy five of my faves …


Dejah Thoris – because showing pin-up art without showing Dejah is just a crime. By the by – how many people think she’ll end up looking like this in the new Disney-produced Mars movie?
Wonder Woman – nice redesign on the costume – better than the official redesign in my opinion.
Valkyrie – always one of my favorite comic book heroines.
Red Sonja – again, pin-ups without Red is just wrong.



Rom – One of these days I’ll post my monster stats for “Astral Knights”, based on this guy.

Note: This has become the second most popular post I ever made on this blog – far outstripping other Deviant Friday posts. My question to those to continue to visit – what brought you here? I suspect it was Dejah Thoris, but I’d love to know if it’s something else. Thanks!

Deviant Friday Five – Adam Hughes

I’ve been a lurker at DeviantArt since 2007, always on the lookout for material I could use in the game I was running. In that time, I followed over 360 artists, and have enjoyed drinking my morning caffeine (Diet Dr. Pepper, to be specific) while perusing the latest offerings of these talented folks. So, looking for a nice routine to slip into, I decided I’d start featuring a few pieces of work from my favorite deviants.

This week – Adam Hughes

Yeah, I know – a guy who likes the art of Adam Hughes. Astounding. But look at the technique, for crying out loud. Regardless of the sex appeal, the man can draw. Here’s five from the modern master of comic book pin-up art.

Come on, you’d tramp halfway across Mars for her too …

Batwoman, doing what batpersons do

Everyone’s favorite amazon – and for the record, I’m not a fan of the new costume or the profound lack of imagination behind the entire scheme – looks like DC’s going to have to kill Superman again real soon

Walt Disney’s contribution to the world of pin-up art

I want to believe in chainmail bikinis, I really do.