Not Since the Leg Lamp …

… has an old man been so excited about something.

In this case, a gift I gave myself, which I know sounds bad, but this was one thing I could not resist:

The C64 – a retro computer based on the Commodore 64 and Vic-20!

All my friends had Ataris, and I wanted one sooooo much, but my dad wanted a computer that did more than play games, so I got a Vic-20. To this day, I am thankful for how responsible he was. The Vic-20 had games, of course, and I love them – Radar Rat Race and Gorf come immediately to mind. But I also learned some basic BASIC on the old Vic-20, and I still use a little of that knowledge to this day. I can still remember cracking open a computer magazine and spending hours typing in pokes and peeks to generate a static image of a jack-o-lantern or Christmas tree on the TV … only to know that when the computer was turned off, all that work was gone!

For the  children in the audience … let me take you back to time when console TVs doubled as computer monitors and programs were lost when you turned off the computer (unless you had the Commodore datasette!) It also meant that when dad got home from work and it was time for the news, you were done playing with your computer without some serious begging!

Flash forward to 2020 – I come across the C64 retro computer (I already do not remember where I saw it). It is apparently already released in Europe … but an unknown release date in North America. I had to have it. I hit Amazon, and lo and behold, it was available for pre-order. Pre-order I did!

I was not, however, going to hold my breath until it arrived, because I was pretty sure it wouldn’t. Just seemed to good to be true, and without a set release date – probably was not going to happen. Sure enough, a week or so after ordering it the shipping date was pushed back. And then pushed back again. Now it was supposed to arrive in mid-December. Yeah – right!

Out of sight, out of mind, and then I get an email notice … sometime around mid-December … that an order has shipped. I had a couple Christmas gifts for the fam on order, so I assumed it was one of those. Happily, I was wrong.

Here it is folks:

It’s a beaut!

And someday, if I’m really good and my puppy gives me a couple free minutes, I’ll get to play with it. I can’t wait!

(By the way – I still have that Vic-20 stored away in the closet – it’s the stuff I’ve gotten rid of that I regret, not the stuff I kept.)

I hope you folks get something you want for Christmas this year, or whatever holiday you might celebrate, and I also hope you get something you need.

Love and peace, folks!

5 thoughts on “Not Since the Leg Lamp …

  1. Great post! A blast from the past.

    Earlier this year I discovered your work, including Land of Nod and Grit & Vigor. Very impressive, especially the encyclopedic treatment of arms and vehicles in Grit & Vigor, and the rules for vehicle combat. I admire your meta-project of creating OSR rules for every conceivable genre.
    I have not yet used the Grit & Vigor rules, but am eager to try them. Kudos to your work–you deserve more recognition. I recently posted a link to your Grit & Vigor page (on DriveThru) to the Gangbusters! Facebook group. A lot of the guys who post there would presumably be interested in your work.


    • Thanks sir! I really appreciate your kind comments. Hopefully, people who don’t play the G&V rules can get some use out of the other materials in there. It’s all about finding the parts and putting them together!


  2. I smiled all the way through this post. I resonate SO much with everything you said. The C64 has, and will always, hold a very special place in my nostalgic ‘good feels’ rolodex:) I’ve created countless versions of a C64 through various emulation avenues, which are excellent… but the only thing missing is that wonderful breadbox keyboard… with the release of The64 this problem is solved! Looking forward to hearing your review… now I’m off to Amazon to see if I can score one too 🙂


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