Time to Get Your Ende On – NOD 23!

I remember when I knocked these out in two months …

Nonetheless, NOD 23 is ready for download on Lulu.com:

NOD 23 features the beginning of the India-inspired Ende hex crawl, the end of the Dungeon of the Apes adventure, a random list of weird things to do with wizard brains, Thor vs. the Monster Maids – a new hero and villain for Mystery Men! and four new mythic races inspired by Indian mytholody. 64 pages.

Selling for $3.99 folks – check it out if you have a mind to.

On the Bloody Basic front – Classic Edition is written and being edited. Blood Basic-Contemporary Edition is written and not yet being edited – it features different races – automatons, drakkars and tieflings – and some different classes – sorcerer instead of magic-user – and sub-classes – arcane archer, monk, warlock and shadowdancer, as well as a few different modern spells and a bunch of more modern monsters. I’m dealing with a research conference for the next few days, but I’ll try to find some time to edit it. I’m about halfway through writing Bloody Basic-Chaos Edition.

In other news – May is going to be devoted to finishing the Monster Tome and getting it published – super excited about it. Then I’ll focus on NOD 24 and Grit & Vigor. A full plate, but a happy one!

Also, I promise to get more gaming-related posts up soon – I have a ton of posts I need to finish up, so there’s more material coming.

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  1. Patience, grasshopper. N23 I need to produce, and I'll be delayed on that for a few days, and then order and get a review copy. Figure 2 or 3 weeks depending on how quick the mail is. BB-Fairy Tale won't take very long, maybe a month or so.


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