Big, Green and Plenty Mean [Monster]

In honor of the new John Carter movie (no, I haven’t seen it), and the fact that this kick ass illustration is in the public domain, I present everyone’s favorite green, four armed aliens for a variety of systems with the serial numbers just barely filed off.

Consider this baby Open Game Content.


Illustration by J. Allen St. John

Zharks are tall (18-ft for males, 12-ft for females) humanoids who inhabit ruined cities in great wastelands. Exceptionally warlike and cruel, they form great hordes that compete, violently, for resources and slaves. Zharks have long torsos that support four arms, one pair located about 2 feet above the other. They have large eyes, ear stalks on the top of their bald heads, and great tusks jutting from their mouths. Zharks have olive green to dark green skin that is thick and waxy, helping to keep their bodies from losing too much moisture in the warm deserts they call home.

Zharks arm themselves with swords, spears and radium guns. These guns are exceptionally long rifles that fire bullets with a core of radium. When the outer casing of the bullets cracks and the radium is exposed to sunlight, it explodes for an additional 1d6 points of damage. Some zharks carry smaller radium pistols. The zharks acquire their more high-tech weaponry from others, for they are only capable of crafting primitive weapons.

Zharks are usually mounted on eight-legged monsters called zhotes. Their arch enemies are the girallons.

Zhark, Large Monstrous Humanoid, Chaotic, Average Intelligence
HD 5; AC 14; Atk 4 weapon attacks; Move 40; Saves F 12, R 11, W 11; XP 250; Special: None.


Zhark: HD 5; AC 5 [14]; Atk 4 weapon attacks; Move 15; Save 12; CL/XP 5/240; Special: None.


Zhark: LVL 5; PH 7 (+2); MN 3; DC 15; SPD 2; XP 500; Atk 4 weapon attacks.


Zhark: HD 5; DEF 16; FIGHT 12 (1d10); SHOOT 9 (2d6); MOVE N; STR 7; DEX 4; MEN 5; KNO 3; DL 6; Special: Can make a total of four attacks each round.

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