I Dream of Uranians [Space Princess]

Uranians have been known, from time to time, to fall in love with handsome astronauts.

The Uranians, also known as space genies or radiation genies, are powerful entities of energy who have learned the secret of transforming matter into energy and energy into matter. They usually appear to material folk as masculine or feminine humanoids, sometimes with pointed ears or other such flourishes. Immensely powerful, most folk know to treat them with respect, and it is not unknown for them to perform favors for folk who impress them. A uranian’s powers can be completely contained with a force box or sphere (super science DC 25 to project a small force cube or sphere, DC 30 to project a large force cube or sphere) and should they enter the circuits of a super science device, it is possible to trap them within (invention test, DC 25).

Uranians can emit energy beams that deal 2d6 points of damage and steal away one point of STR (which can be healed normally). They are capable of changing themselves into pure energy, in which form they are immune to most attacks or taking material form. In energy form, they are effectively immaterial and cannot harm material creatures. Uranians are capable of changing ambient energy into matter or matter into ambient energy three times per day (or once per day if they are creating or dematerializing something larger than man-sized). They can alter the size of others or themselves, making them up to a tenth of their normal size or up to twice their normal size (modify STR and DEX as you see fit). Finally, they can, once per day, make themselves invisible and remain invisible until they attack or otherwise interact with another person.

Uranians suffer only half normal damage from ray guns and other energy-based attacks.

URANIAN: HD 6; DC 18; FIGHT 12 (strike 1d6); SHOOT 12 (energy beam 2d6); MOVE F; STR 6; DEX 6; MEN 6; KNO 5; DL 10; Special: Invisibility, transmute matter and energy, energy form, enlarge or reduce self or others.