Old School Monster Party

Quick post today – I’m in meetings pretty much all day. I said a couple days ago I was going to work out some rules for using drow, duergar, svirfneblin, hobgoblins, orcs, kobolds and bugbears as PCs – mostly because they make sense in terms of running a campaign in the Hell hex crawl I’m writing. My hope is that I can come up with something unique and flavorful for these folks – some random characteristics, racial stats, race-as-class stuff, etc. I commissioned Jon Kaufman to draw a couple “monster parties” for me and I got the results yesterday. Here’s one of them …

This would be a hobgoblin fighter, orc cleric, bugbear thief and kobold magic-user inspired by their original monster designs in ye old Manual of Monsters.
I have the art, now I just need to write the article!

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