Son of Grab Bag

Yes indeed, it’s another grab bag of ephemera …

From the D-n-D Becomes More Real Everyday File

Giant underground river system discovered (well, theorized anyhow) underneath the Amazon system. Dwarves were unavailable for comment.

From the Honest Politician File

Found this at Patrick Owsley’s blog.

From the Favorite Comic Cover Ever File

Honestly – there’s nothing about this cover I don’t like.

From the Best Thing I’ve Seen All Week Dept.

Seriously. Excellent piece of work by Fearless Fosdick at DeviantArt.

From the Wow Department

Jonny Quest Opening Titles from Roger D. Evans on Vimeo.

If you haven’t seen this gem yet, give it a look-see. For me, Jonny Quest is to adventure cartoons what Citizen Kane was to Orson Welles’ movie career. Nobody has been able to top it.

5 thoughts on “Son of Grab Bag

  1. With the steady advance of personal tech, have we reached the stage yet where a small (10 or less) group of fans could produce a web series in a similar style? I think a deliberately cheesy series with over-the-top retro stylings would greatly appeal to the geek demographic.


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