Deviant Friday – Dario Carrasco Edition

Dario, Darry on DeviantArt, is a comic book guy – and if I’m being honest he mostly draws characters I’m unfamiliar with. This isn’t a knock on Dario, because my comic book reading days are waaaay behind me – Batman and Captain America were still alive (wait, are they still dead at the moment? Maybe they should resurrect the characters in each others bodies as a company cross-over event!), Spider-Man was still married to Mary Jane, Venom was still cool, Hulk was in a grey period, etc. In fact, Dario’s renditions of these characters pique my interest in them, so good on him. Dario has a nice selection of work, from fantasy to steampunk to pulp-style heroes – enjoy!

No Sonja or Dejah this week, but we do have a Sonja-esque Blood Rayne and another half-naked character of ERB
Enjoy ladies – and never let it be said that I don’t look out for my female audience (assuming I have one – let me hear from you ladies if you’re out there!)

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