Deviant Sunday – C Walton Edition

CWalton does a lot of work, conceptual and otherwise, for the good folks at Privateer Press, publishers of the Iron Kingdoms setting that mashes fantasy with steampunk and giant robots. I never played or owned anything from the Iron Kingdoms, but I did have a soft spot for the art, which, though a bit outside my wheelhouse, was always infused with a sense of fun and passion. Oh, also, the Satyxis are just plain cool. Enjoy.

Not a brand of vacuum cleaner built by an ancient Germanic tribe …
The reference in the title is completely lost on me. Image makes me think of a steampunk drider (a reference that is lost on probably 99% of the population of the Earth).
Kinda Gamma-Worldy, this one – or RIFTSy
Sorry, close as I could get to Red Sonja this time around

4 thoughts on “Deviant Sunday – C Walton Edition

  1. To elaborate on Anonymous' comment, basically, you're spot on with that, except that it's probably an undead steampunk drider. This apparently is apparently what happens when you get someone who loves Forgotten Realms into Warmachine. Also, are you sure some of those aren't Warlocks from Hordes?


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