PARS FORTUNA Complete Rules Are Go!

I’ve doggone gone and done it – PARS FORTUNA is up for sale. I’m nervous as hell about this one – so many more “moving parts” than the NOD magazines. If any errata come up, I’ll post it on the site as a free download, of course. Fortunately, Lulu is running a sale right now – 20% off anything with the coupon code DONE305 at checkout.

And don’t forget to pick up a PARS FORTUNA t-shirt – ’cause, you know, metal apes on t-shirts are all the rage these days.



A review has appeared at Geordie Goes Gaming!

The basic rules were given a thorough review at Aeons & Augauries by JD Jarvis.

9 thoughts on “PARS FORTUNA Complete Rules Are Go!

  1. I've got the beginning levels of a megadungeon mapped out. It was originally for S&W but now I'm just going to wait for PARS FORTUNA to arrive and makae it for that game/world.


  2. I'm honored dude. When I wrote the thing – and it really did start out as an experiment – I figured people could “steal” things out of it that they liked – a monster, a race, a magic item, etc. It's really cool that you want to use it as a campaign world. Let me know how it goes.


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