Deviant Friday – Yildiray Cinar Edition

Cinar does some really nice comic work. I especially like that he is able to breathe life into these characters – make them vital and current – without needing to modernize or gimick-up their costumes.

My favorite X-Man – at least in the era I read comic books.
I like Captain Marvel almost as much as Popeye (which, if you know me, is quite a lot).
I love the joy in this picture – the love of beauty, strength and doing good.
Somebody needs to put a “robot fighter” class into something, somewhere if they haven’t already.
Few villains have gone through more costumes than Catwoman. I might like this one best.
And three of Howard’s creations (well, Red Sonja isn’t really, but close enough for government work)
I made a puritan class based on this guy – I’ll get to posting it one of these days.

4 thoughts on “Deviant Friday – Yildiray Cinar Edition

  1. the modern fascination men have with women who could kill them. Is it a new ideal of feminine beauty – respect for feminine power, or an expression of geeky men trying to master our Fear of Girls?

    I actually think that is a fascinating question.


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