NOD 10 Goes Live!

NOD 10 – the August issue – is finally live. The Mutant Trucker article was holding things up, but since I had enough material without it, I’m pushing it back to next issue and getting this show on the road. Here’s the description …

NOD is rounding out Summer with the remainder of the Mu-Pan hex crawl begun in issue 8. It also presents the Leech, a new playable class, randomized chimerae, two new races for PARS FORTUNA, two new Demon Lords and a continuation of Phantastes. 80 pages. 

E-Book (PDF) is up for sale at $3.50. I’ll get the print book up once I get my proof copy. You can visit my Lulu shop HERE.

Hopefully, I’ll get a more entertaining and useful post up later today.

NOD 9 PDF On Sale Now!

Five days into July, and the June issue of NOD is finally on sale. Currently, I have only the PDF up for sale – when I have a print copy in my hands for review I’ll put the print version up for sale as well. PDF price is $3.50. For this princely sum, you get:

Yun-Bai-Du – Fantasy city for the Mu-Pan setting introduced in NOD 8. Features some keen art by Jon Kaufman.

Altered States of America – Campaign Sketchbook article describing a Napoleonic fantasy campaign set in a North America of warring states.

The Titans’ Door – A Pars Fortuna adventure for low level characters that takes place in a massive stone door and challenges the party to enter through the keyhole and unlock the door. Features an illustration by Kelvin Green.

Washed Out in Washoe – A Mystery Men! adventure for super human heroes; The Black Dragon is holding Silverado City ransom – can the heroes stop him from wiping it off the face of the Earth?

Plus magic coins and portals, the Jack-of-All-Trades class and another installment of Phantastes. 60 pages. Click HERE to purchase.

NOD 8 On Sale Now!

Finally finally finally!

Enter the land of the Dragon Chans! This issue presents a sandbox hex crawl inspired by the folklore and literature of Asia, as well as a new class, the wushen, options for warriors, many new monsters and a pantheon based on Lord Dunsany’s Gods of Pegana. 104 pages.

Articles are:

A Bevy of Bujin – options for customizing the bujin class

The Wushen – a sohei sub-class for Ruins & Ronin
Land of the Dragon Chans – the hex crawl, Asia-style

Monsters of Mu-Pan – 42 new monsters for your favorite old school game

Gods of Mu-Pan – a pantheon based on Lord Dunsany’s Gods of Pegana.

Print version is $10 (apparently Lulu failed its save vs. inflation)

E-Book is $3.50

I haven’t received my print version yet, so buyer beware.

Last Days of 15%-off Sale on NOD #2

Just an FYI – if you’d like to take advantage of the 15% off sale Lulu is offering on the print version of NOD #2, head over to my storefront today or tomorrow. NOD #2 is normally $9.00, but with the sale is only $7.65.

In NOD #2 you can explore the wicked city of Ophir – more than 60 encounters! It also contains a narrative naval combat system, new classes (thief, assassin, venturer, elan), fourteen magic candles, alternate treasures, books & scrolls and ideas on running urban and wilderness adventures. Plus – a serialization of George MacDonald’s classic fantasy novel PHANTASTES.

Just use the code “BEACHREAD305” to get the discount. And if you do buy it (or anything else I’m trying to shift) – Thanks!

And stay tuned to this blog later today for another peek at the city-state of Ibis.