Maciste in Hell

I have a ton of old movies queued up on Youtube, and I finally decided to start watching a few of them, bit by bit, before nodding off at night. This week, I chewed through a 1925 Italian picture called Maciste in Hell. It’s not just a clever title, as it really does concern Maciste, a long-standing character in Italian movies, a sort of Herules-type, going to Hell and giving the infernal hosts a bit of trouble.

If you have an hour to spare, and especially if you dig weird fantasy and/or Dungeons & Dragons, I suggest you check this baby out. The story is simple and the acting is fine. It’s the sequences in Hell that make this movie worth a watch. Awesome design of sets and costumes, with intrigue, betrayal and a battle between armies of devils – just really good stuff. You even get a shot of Dante’s concept of Satan at the lowest level of Hell committed to film. So groovy.

The movie also offers a neat concept that DM’s might want to steal for their own depictions of Hell – the effects of kissing a daughter of Hell. I won’t say more, as it might be considered a spoiler – just watch the darn movie already.

2 thoughts on “Maciste in Hell

  1. Only 52 minutes? Okay, I’ve added it me my Watch List.

    I notice Nod #32, Nod #33, Nod #34, Nod #35 and Nod #36 are not available on Lulu so there’s no way to get physical copies. I have to admit I haven’t bought a lot of issues of Nod, but I do like it. To my mind the world of Nod has a wonderful “late ’70s D&D” feel to it.

    I just discovered last week this RPG in development, loosely inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands:


    • In regards to some of the books not being on Lulu – I was having some trouble with the site (creating books is a major pain in the butt there, and they change the process constantly), so got out of the habit of uploading there. If I can find some time, I’ll see about making them available as POD on DrivethruRPG.


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