Three Sad Wizards

Since last week’s showcase of new products out there, I got a request to highlight a new adventure module (I’m old – they’ll always be modules to me) called Three Sad Wizards, by Jasper Polane.

Three Sad Wizards is described thusly:

The wizards in the village of Tealief have horrible problems!

• Terrible carnivorous plants make the garden of Bymen the Botanomancer unsafe.

• Giant insects are running free in the underground laboratory of Ermard the Entomomancer.

• Monstrous birds escaped from the tower of Ostal the Ornithomancer.

Only a group of courageous adventurers can help them. Is your party brave enough?

Three Sad Wizards is an introductory module, designed for characters of 1st and 2nd level. Written for use with old school RPGs, this module can be fitted into almost any campaign or played as a stand-alone adventure.

A good intro adventure is always nice, and this one appears to be a bit different than the classic “Caves of Chaos”-style dungeon romp. It includes three mini-dungeons, each one depicting the lair of a strange wizard, a plant mage, a bug mage and a bird mage. There’s some info on the village of Tealief (and a random table of tea blends), a rumors table, a random mail table, a small wilderness map (with a few monster lairs included), new magic items and new magic spells.

All in all, looks like a great way to begin a campaign – plenty of things for players to explore while they get their brand, spanking new characters off the ground.

You can find the module on sale at LULU – CLICK HERE.

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