Psionics of Lore by Tanner Yea

Tanner Yea of the Pulpwood Blog, who wrote the SUP 1 – Heroes of Lore and SUP 2 – Races of Lore products you can find on the Blood & Treasure page on this blog, has just finished up SUP 3 – Psionics of Lore. This is based on the SRD psionics system, for those who want to run a psionics-based Blood & Treasure campaign, or who want a system easily adaptable to other old school rules.

The book includes psionic races, classes, feats (if you’re into that sort of thing) the psionic powers, psionic monsters and psionic treasures.

You can download the book HERE.

If anybody else out there would like to write for Blood & Treasure, I’d be happy to provide the layout work as I did on Tanner’s three books. Your writing remains your own to do with as you please, of course – I’m just happy to be able to provide support for my game.

3 thoughts on “Psionics of Lore by Tanner Yea

  1. Hope it's not proving to be too much of a chore!

    I see a lot of this “going around” and wish I could contribute, but it's not my kind of writing. I write stores, not modules or Source books.

    Wish you all the success possible!


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