Blood and Treasure Players Tome Now Available!


I used an exclamation point because I’m excited … whether anyone else is, I have no idea. But, the Players Tome is now up for sale at in three flavors:

E-BOOK  $7.99



If you purchase the hard cover, email me (you can find the address in the right-hand column) with a copy of the receipt and I’ll give you a link and password to download the PDF for free (please God let this work without a hitch!).

I’m about 80% finished with editing the Treasure Keepers Tome. When I finish editing, I’ll create and order a review copy, and when I make final changes, I’ll put the Treasure Keepers Tome and Complete Editions up for sale. IMPORTANT – If you want the Complete Edition that puts the Players Tome and Treasure Keepers Tome together in the same book, PLEASE DO NOT order the Players Tome today. Be patient … it’s just around the corner.

17 thoughts on “Blood and Treasure Players Tome Now Available!

  1. Long time blog-lurker. Save vs. buy failed. Hardback ordered this morning. Email sent….Can't wait to read this beasty. Unfortunately 7-12 days for it to arrive overseas…So unpatiebtly waiting for the PDF-link 😉


  2. Yeah, and I'm definitely not going to have the TKT out by the 10th. I am finished editing it, though, and I'm now in the “put it together and order a preview copy from Lulu” stage. It's coming soon!


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