Happy Blog-O-Versary to Me! + FLAILSNAILs comes to NOD

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Four very simple items today.

First – it’s my second blog-o-versary! I’ve had a ball with this blog and, I think, created something useful to the RPG community at large. My sincerest thanks to those who read the blog (especially to anyone out there that uses this material in their games), to those who follow the blog, to those who put me in their blogrolls and to those who have purchased some of my nonsense and made one of my dreams com true (still waiting on the jetpack).

Second – I have two groups working their way through the Land of Nod right now playtesting my Blood & Treasure rules. One just crawled into a strange, abandoned trireme they found buried under a mountain (clearly their lives are not in danger) and the other just came up from a delve into the catacombs of Ophir, the Wickedest Little City on the Tepid Sea.

Most importantly, I have now officially signed on to the FLAILSNAILs Convention, and hereby open the gates of Nod to anyone who wants to poke around in it and cause trouble. Right now, I just do play-by-post gaming on Google+, because I have a day job, a family and I spend a fair amount of time writing RPG stuff (if you hadn’t noticed). If you or a group want to delve into Nod and you’re on Google+, just let me know and we’ll work something out. You can even choose the system we use, assuming I own the rules and have the inclination to use it.

ALARUM: A couple people have dropped out of the Google+ Nod game, so there are slots open on the 3rd level Team Blood and the 6th level Team Treasure, if anyone wants to play. Team blood lost an elf fighter and Team Treasure a human cleric, but you can play something different. Team Blood is currently above ground and resting, so a Team Blood player could jump right in. Team Treasure is in the wilderness, but they’ll be returning to civilization soon to re-supply, so a higher level character might have to wait a bit. 

If you want to join in now, just send me an email (jmstater    AT    yahoo    DOT    com) and we’ll make it happen.

Third – Random Things Found Under Foot in the Dungeon (by command of JOESKY)

1) The shed scales of a large reptile (psst – it’s behind you, and its invisible)

2) A puddle of halfling blood (you can tell from the sugar content)

3) A patch of green slime cunningly masquerading as brown mold (don’t ask me how)

4) Bugbear droppings (where did they find corn 300-ft below ground)

5) A pointy hat, lightly singed

6) A wooden holy symbol, broken in half

7) A tentacle (attached to an angry monster, of course)

8) Footprints in the dust that stop where you’re standing

9) The ashes of a lich

10) A flimsy ceramic tile hiding a caltrop

11) A chainmail bikini (with a broken leather strap!)

12) Shards of glass that sparkle like gems (with the reflection of a yellow-pupiled eye staring back at you in each shard)

13) A copper coin (48% chance of being shiny)

14) A puddle of acid with mind-bending effects for those who touch it

15) An anti-shadow cast by an adventurer from the negative zone

16) A silk scarf that smells of sunflowers, the ends tattered and stained with blood

17) The Magna Carta

18) A patch of ice … evil ice!

19) Tomb dust (hold your breath!)

20) Mummy wrappings (pray the owner doesn’t give a tug)

6 thoughts on “Happy Blog-O-Versary to Me! + FLAILSNAILs comes to NOD

  1. Congratulations on two years! You've indeed made a contribution. Several times I've seen forum threads on “best OSR blogs” and invariably Land of Nod comes up. I have to credit that to the sheer volume of quality content you put out.

    Here's to more years to come. 🙂


  2. Like Nikita Kruschev, I use the “I will bury you” blogging strategy.

    Actually, for me, the daily post is a way to force myself to be creative (or usually creative) and get writing done. It has definitely helped me be more disciplined as a writer.


  3. Happy Blog-birthday 🙂

    I'm enjoying being part of Team Blood. PBP is better than I hoped it would be, and I am liking the city we're currently in. You make it very evocative.


  4. Glad to hear it Simon! You and the halfling are definitely the DM's little helpers when it comes to plot hooks and role-playing beyond the dungeon.


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