Tournament Time for Sir Basil of Lyonesse!


Mike Davison has started a FlailSnails Jousting Tournament on Google+ that my brand new knight, Sir Basil of Lyonesse, has entered. The jousting started today and, glory be to God, Sir Basil managed to squeek out a win, despite having his helm knocked off and being unmounted.

Best of all, it’s giving me a FlailSnails character (I have a winsome wench named Lucretia who is eligible as well) I can use in future in other games.

I don’t know if outsiders can get a ringside seat to the “FlailSnails Jousting Field” or not, but if you can, do so. There’s chicanery afoot, some side bets happening, and I must say I’m having a ridiculously good time with it. Google+ might not be the best social media concept in history, but it’s doing wonders for the OSR.

Fight On!

Update: Sir Basil goes down in the second round. Alas and alack!

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