NOD 13 Lives!

Finally finished NOD 13 and got the e-book uploaded at NOD enters its third year of existence with this issue, and it’s received a minor facelift. This issue contains …

The Evolutionary PC class – with some simple stats for using the future men as alien races in Space Princess

Abaddon and Gehenna – the third and fourth circles of Hell dedicated to gluttony and avarice respectively

Hero vs. Villain – this one featuring Zanzibar the magician and Greymalkin, the speed demon

Dual Helms – magical helms for two

Greatsword – rules to my card game of medieval one-on-one combat

Pandaemonium VI – featuring Amon, Demoriel, Mammon, Mulciber and Paymon

Shades of Red – variant red dragons

112 pages of content for $3.50

When I’ve received my copy of the hard copy I’ll put it up for sale – probably will cost $10.00

2 thoughts on “NOD 13 Lives!

  1. Bah, I still have to catch up! I've got NOD 5-9 coming and just picked up Mystery Men and Space Princess. Awesome stuff! I'm really wanting to play some Mystery Men soon. My god man, how are you able to be so prolific ;)?!?!


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