Deviant Friday – Leinilyu Edition

Playing some Space Princess with the daughter tonight. Had a brief skirmish between her crew of 6 and a sapphire space dragon. She lost her gynoid star warrior, but they finally finished off the dragon. Now I’m looking at the next artist in line for a Deviant Friday spotlight, and I see that it is Leinilyu, who happens to have some nice sci-fi art. Leinilyu brings Travis Charest to mind – very nice lines, understated and beautiful, but some great action work as well. Enjoy.




Digital Girl



Nike bot



Keeping Up With the Joneses









Serenity Cover



Sworn Sword Cover



3 thoughts on “Deviant Friday – Leinilyu Edition

  1. Much as I like his work, he's wasted on Bendis' rubbish Avengers scripts. I'd love to see Yu doing some Conan or similar; his rough-edged, kinetic style seems perfect for something wild and dangerous like that.


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