NOD 11 – Just in Time for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, NOD 11 arrives with the beginning of a five part hex crawl set in the scariest place in creation – HELL! Also, four new races for your underground adventures, a sinister new class – the demonologist, four new demon lords to bedevil your players and some tips on sprucing up the most under appreciated mega-monsters in gaming, the titans.

Compatible with most old school rules

140 pages

PDF is $3.50

Print version not on sale until I get a proof copy

Well, what are you waiting for? GO BUY IT MAN!

NOD 12 (coming in December) will feature the next installment of Hell, a write-up of a hero and villain for Mystery Men!, the first part of the “shades of …” dragon articles, four more underground races (drow, duergar, svirfneblin and notac-ichat) and, finally, the Mutant Truckers mini-campaign.

7 thoughts on “NOD 11 – Just in Time for Halloween

  1. Really enjoying reading the starting areas of the glooms – I think Involm on page 26 is missing some info on his circlet …

    Also, are the dark grey areas in the Glooms solid rock?


  2. Thanks. Actually, sentence was just missing a period. The circlet is a skeletal warrior thing – check Tome of Horrors Complete or the old Fiend Folio for more on that. And yes, the dark grey areas are solid stone.


  3. Hell is definitely for high level characters – probably 9th level or higher. I'm conceiving it as being “the deepest of dungeons” and thus running from 9th level (for Ante-Hell) to 18th+ (for the lowest circle, Cocytus).


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