Silver Age Shenanigans

Is your superhero campaign getting a little staid – a little routine – maybe boring. Would you consider bringing the insanity of DC’s Silver Age into it? Can your players handle the challenge, or are they a bunch of mopey, modern age cry babies who think getting turned into a gorilla is some kind of punishment? If you answered yes and/or no to the questions in the appropriate order … oh Hell – here’s a chart. Roll a dice.

I think my next MM! Google + campaign will draw heavily on the imaginary stories from DC’s Silver Age, though I have no idea how as yet.

Edited to correct an error.

8 thoughts on “Silver Age Shenanigans

  1. This is the most awesome chart I've ever seen! I've been wanting to run a Marvel style soap opera campaign but lately I've been leaning more towards a lighter DC 60's style good-guy/bad-guy thing. This would just be icing on the cake!


  2. Marvel is very loaded with character-driven stuff – Spidey's angst, etc. – that might be hard to pull off with a group. Works great in a comic book, but not necessarily at the game table. The lighter DC stuff might be easier to run with a group of people – i.e. “You're good, they're evil, get to it.” in an RPG environment. I mostly like it because I'm a goofball.


  3. Oh man, my intro to comics was a big grocery bag of Superman titles. You know, all the Superdickery ones. In the expertise I gained from reading all those I highly commend you for this chart!


  4. I absolutely, positively adore your list.

    I ran a Champions game for several years that incorporated much of the above just as part and parcel of the campaign. It was a setting that threw in every comic-ism from the '50s-'70s: martial arts, giant monsters, “after the Comics Code got relaxed” monsters, super-pets, teen sidekicks, power-draining (and -adding) meteorites, etc.

    Man. I REALLY want to get a spandex-y campaign going soon.


  5. What about “everyone thinks you're a villain and/or the villain is a hero”, and “someone in the team falls in love with a villain (but is probably being hypnotised or something)”?


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