Status Report – May ’11

What a busy month! Finally got NOD 8 published early in May (and late – God how that galls me) and Mystery Men! is now a reality – at least electronically. I haven’t yet received my print copy from, and I’m just a wee bit worried about how it will look in black and white, so I’m holding off on making it available for sale as a print book until I can see it with my own eyes.

Sales were pretty good in May – I think NOD 8 has moved faster than most previous issues of NOD. Page views on the blog seem to have moved into the “usually more than 300 a day, sometimes more than 400 a day” territory, which is nice. Total page views for May were 12,084.

Most popular May posts – in case you missed them – were …

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My favorite pic on DeviantArt in May was a tie between Ron Salas’ Ben Grimm 6×6 and Paul Renaud’s Dejah Thoris.

So – working on NOD 9 and another Hex Crawl Chronicle (the new name, I think). Have fun on the internet!

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