1d8 Cockatrices

Image from Blood & Treasure by Jon Kaufman

Maybe it’s the pain killers I’ve been taking since I had a wisdom tooth was pulled, but here are a collection of goofy variations on the venerable cockatrice. When one of the killer chickens shows up as a random monster, roll 1d8 and replace him with one of his cousins.

1. Cock’a’leeky – wounds from its bite do not heal, save with the application of a cure light wounds spell and holy water. Each successful bite attacks deals 1 point of damage per hour until healed.

2. Cock Robbin’ – a cockatrice that can back stab for double damage, move silently and hide in shadows as a 5th level thief. Has a black mask marking on its face.

3. Cockatrice Rex – a cockatrice the size of a tyrannosaurus rex (essentially a t-rex with a petrifying bite).

4. Cockatwice – two headed cockatrice with two bite attacks.

5. Cock’n’Bull – like a chimera, except with the head of a gorgon and a cockatrice (use gorgon stats with an extra bite from the cockatrice head).

6. Peacockatrice – its colorful feathers hypnotize (save or stunned for 1d4 rounds).

7. Poppycock – has a bright red plume, its bite causes a deathless sleep (save or permanent sleep, can be defeated with a remove curse spell).

8. Weathercockatrice – belches a killer fog (cloudkill) in place of the petrifying bite.

Of course, wise adventurers will remember to bring their cockatrice spaniel, a hunting dog immune to the creature’s petrifying bite.

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  1. Ah – well, a weathercock is the same thing as a weathervane. Puns on words including “cock” that aren't profane are hard to find.


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