Greatest Book You’ll Ever Get Your Hands On?

Somehow I doubt this book lives up to its cover blurb.

Meanwhile, some Wonder Woman stats for Mystery Men! – just ’cause.

In response to a comment that has now disappeared – Super Will should have been +3, not +6. When I create these hero/villain stats, I’m now assuming ability scores of 3 across the board, and then adjusting them up from there. Of course, I also adjust them down as appropriate.

6 thoughts on “Greatest Book You’ll Ever Get Your Hands On?

  1. It's one of those cases where you think – they had to know. The designers had to know. Did they slip it past the publisher?


  2. Ah…I deduced the 3 base from reading but figured you gave her 9 Will (assuming the +6 was right).

    Thank you for the clarification.


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