Status Report – April

Turns out I didn’t do a status report last month – the days just fly by. So …

I shifted 21 units in April and had 244 free downloads. Page views for April were 10,418, with a nice boost coming from a link from Zak.

Most popular April posts – in case you missed them – were …

I Like This!

Did you see the picture of Conan fighting our hero…

Weird Asia Contest

Happy Happy Hexcrawl Joy Joy!

Schrodinger – New Villain for Mystery Men!

Also, I managed to forget my blog anniversary in March – thankfully I do better remembering my wedding anniversary. Thanks for a year of page views and comments (keep ’em coming).

Favorite pic on DeviantArt in April was Joel Carroll’s inks on a Wieringo Batgirl pic.

Oh – and before I forget – NOD 8 goes on sale tonight if Lulu cooperates (and she hasn’t so far today). In either event, it’s at least finished. Mystery Men! is almost completed – I’m just writing up the encounter areas for the sample adventure. I hope to get it out there in one or two weeks.

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