Mystery Men! Preview

Where does Mystery Men! stand, you ask? At this point, I’m about 80% of the way to having a completed project – remember, it will be a free PDF and as cheap a book as I can manage, I’m thinking in the $8 range. I’m finishing up writing the setting material – about 75% of the way there – and then I need to write up the sample adventure, finish some of the formatting, work on at least one appendix (quick thumbnail heroes/villains for the harried Mastermind) and then the credits and dedications pages. My main focus right now is NOD 8 – I’m about a week to 10 days away from putting it to bed. After MM!, my focus goes to NOD 9/10 and another hexcrawl for the Frog God – this one dealing with a kingdom in the grips of a civil war between two princes and a princess – bandits, refugees, unquiet dead, war demons roaming the earth, dog and cats living together – mass hysteria.

Anyhow – here’s a little preview of what Mystery Men! is going to look like – specifically, Chapter 2. The PDF will be in color, the print book in black and white (though if there was interest, I could look into doing a more expensive color version – to the tune of about $25 according to my calculations on Lulu).

Hope you enjoyed the preview – now back to work.

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