NOD 7 – On Sale Now

Well, a couple days late – not too bad for a one man operation. NOD 7 is 80 pages and includes:

* St. Valentinus – The saint and his knightly order in NOD

* Antigoon, City of the Sun – A slice of the theatrical, mercantile city-state of Antigoon

* Dress to Impress – Giving characters a reason to take a bath and put on decent clothes

* Blackpoort, City of Thieves – A wicked little city on the shores of Blackmere

* Pandaemonium – Two demon lords for NOD

* Lyoness, the Gleaming City – A city-state of knights and dames

* Cyclopeans – New race/class for PARS FORTUNA plus a mini-dungeon, the Cyclopean Redoubt

* Phantastes – Three more chapters of this classic work of fantasy

E-Book for $3.50
Print Book for $9.00

5 thoughts on “NOD 7 – On Sale Now

  1. Put in my order (for a print copy) this morning, before heading out. Looking forward to reading some particularly inspirational-sounding articles this issue.

    Thank you, as always, for all the hard work you put into NOD and all your other projects.


  2. Thank you sir. I'm living the dream doing this, but I couldn't without the support of you and folks like you – and now I sound like a PBS pledge drive. Maybe I should make some Gongthrottle tote bags.


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