Deviant Friday – Paul Harmon Edition

Okay, I guess I’m not done posting this month/year after all. Today’s deviant is Paul Harmon, aka dogmeatsausage. A few different encounters in NOD were inspired by his work – enjoy the last Deviant Friday of 2010!





I remember the first time I saw that bat dude on the right – immediately decided he lived somewhere in the Klarkash Mts.








Thundarr was my introduction to the post-apocalyptic world concept – still love it.










Just for fun, some OMAC stats for Mystery Men! using 10 dice for ability scores and 25,000 XP for powers.
4th level adventurer
Str 8/+2, Dex 7/+2, Con 8/+2, Int 3/+0, Wis 7/+2, Cha 2/+0
HP 32, DC 16, Move 100, Save 13, XP 3200
Limited – Super Constitution (12/+3), Super Dexterity (11/+3), Super Strength (12/+3)
Single-Use – Armor, Correspond (Brother Eye), Energy Bolt, Endure Elements, Fly, Haste, Heroism I, Jump, Regenerate, Stoneskin

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