Coming Up For Air …

It’s been a busy weekend – daughter’s birthday party (’80s theme, because, you know, the ’80s was a looong time ago – feeling elderly now) and working on getting NOD #6 out. In the process, I made a quick index to some of the monsters, races, classes and spells that have appeared in the series so far. You can find it on Google Docs HERE if you’re interested. I think there’s supposed to be some way I can embed it in Blogger, but I haven’t figured it out yet. When I do, I’ll just make a new page on this blog with the index. So – hopefully by the 14th (late) or 15th (early) I can have the last issue of 2010 published, and then get to work on Mystery Men!, Hexcrawl Classics #3 and NOD #7. Like anyone in real estate will tell you, it’s a good thing to be busy!


Oh – current line-up for NOD #6: Western Venatia, Gods of the Motherlands, The Traveler PC Class, Random Owlbear Tables, Holiday Magic, Phantastes, Pleasure Palace of Izrigul (3rd Level).

Pictured – The coat of arms of Antigoon, City of the Sun made with Inkwell Idea’s Coat of Arms Design Studio.

4 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air …

  1. Yeah, I think the 80s just look awesome with the right backward looking lens. I wasn't so fond myself–at least when I compare though with my college years in the 90s.

    Anyway…you're like a one man publishing empire! Good stuff coming up.


  2. My daughter was talking about having an 80's party also and I told her ” I've still got clothes from the 80's” she said “wow, they must be really old”…


  3. Not so fond of the '80s? Dude – Moldvay Basic!

    Yeah, the '80s is as long ago to her as the '50s were to me when I was her age, but then I was a WW2 fanatic as a kid, so I understand the interest in “old stuff”. My wife and I have introduced her to music, movies, TV etc from just about every era, so she's pretty well grounded in the past.


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