Hear Ye! Hear Ye! NOD #5 Now Available

Just got NOD #5 up and available on Lulu.com.

In this issue of NOD: Vampires from around the world, Ibis – City of Sorcerers, The Illusionist, Medieval Mining, Level 2 of Izrigul’s Pleasure Palace, Mystery Men! – converting your fantasy RPG into a comic book RPG and the continuation of George MacDonald’s classic story “Phantastes”. 84 pages.

$9.00 for the book, $3.50 for the e-book.

NOD #6 is scheduled for December, and in the spirit of the season will be another free download (something I hope to make a NOD tradition, assuming I can keep this thing going long enough for anything to count as a tradition).

For 2011, I’m exploring the idea of doing free downloads and just selling advertisement space – $5 full page, $3 half-page, $2 quarter page. If you’re interested, let me know – in terms of circulation, NOD #1, my other free download, has been downloaded almost 670 times.

3 thoughts on “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! NOD #5 Now Available

  1. I've really been impressed with the quality of these so far (what with you doing it all yourself) and this looks like another good issue.

    I might be looking for some advertisement space, too, if it looks like Weird Adventures is close to fruition.


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