Huzzah! Another Issue of NOD for sale!

Finally got NOD #4 published on Lulu.

In this issue of NOD: A sandbox hexcrawl with more than 200 encounters, 50 new monsters inspired by European folklore, a pantheon of deities inspired by the Dacians and Thracians and two dungeon adventures – one for low-level parties and the other for mid-level parties. Plus – the next installment of our serialization of George MacDonald’s fantasy classic, Phantastes.

Print is $10
E-Book is $3.50

Use the coupon code “AUTUMN” to get 10% off – I’ve entered the September sales contest.

Also – I have my outline for Mystery Men! on the “Free Downloads” page of my blog. Its in google docs, and this is where I’ll be writing the game. I probably won’t touch the outline for at least a couple months while I finish PARS FORTUNA and prepare NOD #5 for sale, but I’ll hit it hard around NOV/DEC. In the meantime, feel free to send me ideas, suggestions and criticisms.

Enjoy Labor Day folks!

9 thoughts on “Huzzah! Another Issue of NOD for sale!

  1. Hey Matt!

    I just downloaded this and holey moley! The layout, art and production values are fantastic!

    I won't be able to read it in depth, but from what I've seen skimming it, it's good stuff. I may wish I'd bought the print version…


  2. To be perfectly honest, now that you mention it I don't think I've ever put that rather useful information in the magazine. Dang. I assume a scale of five or six miles, whichever works better with the movement rates you use.


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