Eulion, the Wandering City

I made mention in my “On the Drawing Board” in the sidebar that I’m working on making a free, completely open content (probably one of the creative commons licenses) fantasy city. I plan on keeping it either system neutral, or throwing in multiple sets of stats (thus – the wandering city, as it can wander from one setting to another – at least theoretically). The idea came about when I was playing with some of the random generators at Chaotic Shiny. Anyhow, I hope to have it include a brief description of the place, a map, descriptions of the inhabitants and a low-level “dungeon” linking a ruined monastery and a large graveyard – making the product useful for starting a new campaign. Naturally, Eulion is on the back burner while I work on PARS FORTUNA and NOD, so it probably won’t show up until late 2010 or 2011. Anyhow – a preview of the rough draft for the map is below …


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