Pinball Magic-Users

In the days of D-n-D’s infancy, it seems as though fantasy art had three main avenues of presentation – softcover, digest-sized reprints of ’30s pulp stories, the sides of vans and pinball machines.

Last weekend I visited the local Pinball Hall of Fame and snapped a few shots apropos to the blog.

I’ve mastered this one on the Wii, but the real machine eludes me.

Just noticed the alternate name at the base of this machine …

Centigrade 37 – get it? get it?

With a name like Abra Cadabra, you’d think he was a magic-user. Trust me – he’s a thief.

Not pinball, but still …

4 thoughts on “Pinball Magic-Users

  1. O boy, I love the Pinball Hall of Fame!!!! I could spend all day in there! The best part is that the Liberace Museum is right across the street, so after playing pinball you can see the ultimate collection of magic items – including the largest rhinestone in the galaxy!


  2. Yes indeed – love the Liberace museum. I got to visit his house a few years back and had my picture taken in his bathtub. The Elvis-o-Rama museum was awesome as well, but is now gone (I think).


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