Thor Dee-Lite!

A few months back I posted about backing Jeff Dee’s project of re-producing his old TSR art that was apparently thrown away (God, to back in time to that day and dumpster dive!). A couple weeks ago I got this spiffy signed print of Anubis.

Today, he announced the re-creation of his drawings for the Norse mythos, and with the $20 level getting you a signed print of Thor – the drawing that made me a lifelong fan of the thunder god – I had to jump in. Should look good next to old Jackal-head when I get them both framed.

I love me some Kickstarter. It helped give birth to Mystery Men! and many other worthy old school endeavors. Long may it reign.

Okay – in a couple hours I’ll post those Cave Brawl teams. Until then, have fun …

Osiris Shall Be Reborn!

Jeff Dee, who produced by favorite illustration of a halfling ever (the buff little bastard in Moldvay’s Basic) and an image of Thor that could almost turn me into a full-fledged pagan, is undertaking to recreate all of the art he did for TSR, beginning with his illustrations for the Egyptian mythos in Deities and Demigods. Apparently, the originals were thrown into a dumpster at some point (add that dumpster to my list of places to hit when I get a time machine). Here’s an image of his recreated Elric for a sample of what he has in mind …

He project is being done at Kickstarter (where my own Mystery Men! project was born), and I just kicked in $20.

Let get this done ladies and gents!