Camilla, Queen of the Secret Empire

Shouldn’t it be empress?

Okay – off to a bad start. Today I’m reviewing Camilla, Queen of the Lost Empire, which I found over at the excellent Comic Book Catacombs.

Knuten and Caredodo – names to conjure with! We have a hunchback living in the sewers (nice sewer entrance, by the way – nothing but class in the lost empire) who’s going to kill Camilla.

Into the salt mines. If you’ve ever checked out some of the ancient salt works that still exist, you’ll find nothing on Earth more like an actual mega-dungeon … you know, except for the monsters and treasure and stuff.

And just like, she has a henchman. If I were statting her up for Blood & Treasure (and I guess I am), I’d probably use the variant bard class in the game – the Aristocrat.

Queen Camilla, 9th level Aristocrat
Str 13, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 14
HP 56, AC 14, MV 30, SAVE Fort 11, Ref 7, Will 9
Special: +1 on reaction checks, legend lore (9), fascinate (4 creatures, 90-ft range), suggestion (one fascinated creature)
Gear: Longsword (+5 attack, 1d8+1), cloak of protection +2

And monkey men! Nice touch.

There’s a bounty of greatness here. First, we see the queen run the monkey man through in one shot – we can guess the monkey men have a single Hit Dice. Love the shot of the dead monkey-man’s feet in the fifth frame – and check out Camilla’s pose. Very cool.

Monkey Man: HD 1; AC 13; ATK 2 slams (1d4); MV 30 (C20); SAVE Fort 13, Ref 15, Will 16; XP 50 (Basic); Special: None.

Then we have some men-at-arms mounted on zebras – always a favorite of mine for some reason. And they have ray guns to boot. Zebra-mounted ray gun troops!

Camilla’s hunchman, I mean henchback, I mean Caredodo ain’t no slouch when it comes to combat. He was hired as an assassin, and the next page features a nice stab in the back. We’ll go assassin for him.

Caredodo, 4th level Assassin
Str 16, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 6
HP 13, AC 10, MV 30, SAVE Fort 13, Ref 12, Will 14
Special: Sneak attack (double damage)
Skills: Climb (12), Decipher Script (10), Escape Bonds (13), Hide (13), Listen at Doors (10), Move Silently (13), Trickery (12)
Gear: Dagger (+4 attack, 1d4+2 damage, double on sneak attack)

The monkey men, I have to admit, seem like half-hearted villains. No ambition – no verve.

Hmmm – the plot thickens. As basic as this story was, I liked it and wouldn’t mind reading the next story. I think when you do introduce plots into role playing games, you might want to focus on keeping them about as simple as these old comic book stories. More complex plots work well in stories, where the old deus ex machine is there to help the investigators, but they can be pretty tricky in tabletop games where the players can’t actually see and hear anything, and only know what they’re told. Something to think about.

Sunday Grab Bag!!!

Just a few random notes today.

From the Weird Adventures Dept.

Got my copy of Trey Causey’s Weird Adventures yesterday. It is gorgeous. If you’re working on a game product, check this baby out – sets one heck of a standard.

From the Badass Air Elemental Dept.

What would Clint Eastwood look like as an air elemental? I think a little something like this …

From the Get Into the Game Dept.

Check it out – Liz is wearing a Monster Manual dress. Can you do any less at your next session?

From the Sailor Man Dept.

My Hero!

From the American Empires Dept.

Yeah, still working on it. When you find an image like this, you cannot help but be inspired. Benjamin Franklin, American wizard.

From the Checking Her Out Dept.

Checking out women is timeless.

From the Feminine Pulchritude Dept.

And beauty is timeless as well. Thank you Charles Gibson!

See you next week with some Abaddon previews and … heck, I have no idea what else I’ll come up with.

The Mother of All Size Charts

Cobbled this up over the last couple of days using the silhouettes created by Telecanter.

Click to see full size and enjoy!

EDIT: Made some adjustments to the chart, and I added a storm giant and gelatinous cube. I was way off on the wyvern, the giants needed some tinkering and my treant was too big. Of course, sizes vary. I might do some more work on the sea critters as well.

On a side note – the print copy of NOD 12 is now up for sale at Lulu. Sorry it took so long – wanted to make sure it came out okay. 144 pages for $11.00. Map of Hell still didn’t reproduce as well as I would like, but you can still grab a better looking version HERE.

OSR Conservation / Best Thing I’ve Seen Today

If you haven’t already, you might want to check out the OSR Conservation project. Basically, folks like me can upload some of the gaming stuff we’ve created to make sure it is preserved even if we disappear from the face of the earth. I’ve just uploaded NOD 1 and NOD 6, as well as the basic rules for Pars Fortuna.

There are many other things to download there, and if you have something you would like to upload, by all means do so!

On a side note, just saw this piece of work on DeviantArt …
Thor by ~Andrew-Robinson on deviantART

Best thing I’ve seen today. Simple, clean and powerful.

Deviant Saturday – Manarama Edition

Manarama does lots of great work in a loose, free, fun style. Now, I’ve been notified by some readers that embedding the images via DeviantArt is a problem in some mobile devices. For that, I apologize. However, I want to be careful about copyright and proper attribution, so I’m going to stick with the embed codes for now.

Big Announcement in the World of Fantasy RPGs!

I got the dragon art I commissioned a few weeks ago for one of the alternate blue dragons I published last year – indigo, to be precise. The artist is Marta S., and I think her dragon profiles are stunning. Check it out. I’m planning on commissioning a couple more for future articles.

What? You were expecting maybe a discussion of 5E? This is NOD baby – we’re about content, not controversy!

Deviant Fri … Saturday – Francis Manapul Edition

Today, we’ll be looking at some nice superhero art (plus a little more) from Francis Manapul. Check out his entire gallery for more!

Sunday Grab Bag

From the Mystery Men-Approved Vehicles Department

From the Bashful Blue-Eyed Ever-Lovin’ Thing’s Mom Department

From the Fab Four Department

If you don’t dig Hard Day’s Night, I’m not sure we can be more than friendly acquaintances.

From the Robots Have a Hard Life Department

From the “It’s Called a Hobble Skirt” Department

Useful information for fans of Morticia Addams

From the “It Ain’t Just Good to be a Gangsta” Department

From the Red Sonja Department

An image so awesome, I’m afraid I don’t even remember where I found it. Wherever it was, thank you!