NOD 28, Revisions and Goodies

It’s a bad sign when you start all of your blog posts with “I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately …”. Still, I’ve been a busy boy, so I have a good excuse. Here are my current RPG projects and a glimpse at what I would like to do moving forward, as well as a few RPG odds and ends mixed in to make this more than an advertisement.

NOD 28

First and foremost – I’ve put NOD 28 out for sale today as a PDF! It’s going for $4.99 – 78 pages, with part one of the Trollheim Mountains hex crawl (trolls, pseudo-Russians, elemental folk, a crazed demigod, etc.), a Swiss mercenary character class, new rules for handling disease in RPG’s and a campaign idea for a “World of Atlantis” game drawing from Theosophy’s notion of “root races”. Tons of fun for $4.99. GET IT HERE or HERE.

BLOOD & TREASURE 2nd edition

I’m about 80% complete with editing and laying out the new B&T Player’s Tome, and about 35% complete with the Treasure Keeper’s Tome. The 2nd edition will not be a major departure from the first, but I’ve made some adjustments to saving throw values, XP requirements, I’ve tried to give the sorcerer some personality and make the ranger the cool cat I remember from youth, streamline any rules that could use streamlining, etc. The goal is still RULES LITE – OPTIONS HEAVY. Most of the work I’ve done is concerned with improving the layout and incorporating the first edition errata. I’ve also commissioned new covers from David Williams, which are being colored now. Here’s a sneak peek – half of this image will be the Player’s Tome, the other half will be the TK’s Tome.

If anybody has an ingenious old school idea they think would improve fantasy gaming, let me know and I’ll see if I can’t incorporate it into the rules.


Goatmen live in hidden valleys, deep within forbidding mountains. Half mad, chaos flows through their veins. When the moon is full, they descend into the lowlands, seeking out people to torment or torture.

Goatman, Medium Monstrous Humanoid: HD 1; AC 16; ATK 1 slam (1d6); MV 30; SV F15 R13 W14; XP 250 (CL3); Special-Auras.

Goatmen cause fear (as the spell) to all within 10′ of them. Each time a person succumbs to this fear, the goatman grows larger, gaining 1 hit dice (and all that goes with it). At 6 HD, they become large creatures and their aura changes to one of madness (save or go temporarily mad). Each person that goes mad causes the goatman to gain another HD. At 12 HD, the goatman becomes huge, and the aura becomes one of death. All within 10′ of the beast must save or die. Each creature that dies increases the goatman’s hit dice by 1. At 18 HD, the goatman explodes into shadow and ceases to exist. The land where he explodes becomes permanently blighted and haunted by the souls of those who died.


I’m further along with the MM! revision than B&T. The book is laid out, the rules tinkered with, and now I just need to give it a thorough editing. This version will still have the sample Shore City setting and the sample adventure, but will also include several write-ups of heroes and villains.


Magic-User 2
Range 10′ radius
Duration 1 minute

One enemy helps you despite himself. When this spell is cast, one enemy within 10′ chosen at random must pass a Will save or become your unwitting, unwilling ally. Every move the creature makes has the possibility of helping you. For each action, roll 1d6.

1-2. The creature’s action proceeds as normal.
3-5. The creature’s action proceeds as normal, but has a side effect useful to you.
6. The creature’s action is twisted to your purpose entirely.

Help, in this case, is up to the referee, but would include things like the monster making a move, but also accidentally tripping or running into one his allies, the monster making an attack, but accidentally attacking an ally as well, etc.


The latest Quick and Easy RPG is Black Plague, which really just needs some editing and it’s ready to go. This one is set in the era of Europe’s religious wars (mostly the Hundred Years War), and is intended to be grim and gritty – more survive than thrive. This Q&E is a bit heftier than past editions, due to containing a bit more setting info and some rules for disease and damnation.


A leaf swarm is a swarm of vicious green insects. They descend on a tree, strip it of leaves, and then take their place. When a creature nears the tree, the leaf swarm strikes, surprising on a roll of 1-4 on 1d6. The monster’s stings cause blindness. The first save a creature fails blurs their vision (-2 to hit and damage), the second failed save blinds them for 1 minute, and the third blinds them permanently.

Leaf Swarm, Tiny Vermin: HD 4; AC 13; ATK 1 swarm (1d3 + special); MV Fly 60; SV F14 R13 W14; XP 400 (CL5); Special-Blindness.


What I’d like to start doing next is producing more adventure material for the games I’ve written. No more games for me – just fun, supplemental material.

For GRIT & VIGOR I want to do setting books that cover different eras – the historical events that lend themselves towards adventure, the equipment, the personalities. Each book would also have an adventure for that era. These would be trade paperbacks, probably 40 to 60 pages.

For MYSTERY MEN! I’d like to do some short books of heroes and villains, also accompanied by an adventure or two. They might be themed, or they might just be whatever tickles my fancy. These would maybe run 20 to 30 pages, trade paperback.

For BLOOD & TREASURE I’d like to do some adventures, with a few new monsters, new spells, etc. Again, trade paperback, probably 30 to 40 pages.

I also want to start writing supplements called THE LAND OF NOD that would provide hex crawls, mini-adventures and other setting material. These would probably also be trade paperbacks, maybe in a landscape format. Page count here would probably be around 120 pages. The first step would be to collect and revise the old NOD hex crawls.

I still have a revision of Space Princess and Pars Fortuna slated for the second half of this year, and I have more Bloody Basics I would like to make.

So – that’s what’s on my agenda for 2016. We’ll see how far I get. Hopefully, as the revisions and editing slows down I’ll have more time for blogging. I have tons of ideas that need to be fleshed out, and God willing I’ll start that fleshing process as the year wears on.


Fun with Halloween Magic

Happy Halloween boys and girls. Here are a few spells inspired by the season:


Level: Druid 4
Range: See below
Duration: See below

To cast this spell, a druid carves a jack-o’-lantern from a pumpkin or similar gourd and places a candle inside it. The light emanating from the jack-o’-lantern’s face has a magical effect, as follows:

If the face is frightening, creatures caught in the light (including allies, so be careful) are subject to the effects of the cause fear spell. If the face is amusing, creatures caught in the light are subject to the calm emotions spell.

The light from the jack-o’-lantern also negates magical invisibility, and causes magic items to glow orange.

The magic lasts as long as the candle lasts (probably 1 or 2 hours), and the range is per a normal lantern.


Level: Magic-User 6
Range: Close (30′)
Duration: 1 hour (then permanent)

If during the duration of this spell the magic-user is killed, his or her head immediately teleports to and is transplanted on the nearest humanoid creature within 30 feet. The victim’s head remains on the body as well.

The magic-user and his subject will be dazed for 1 minute afterwards, and the magic-user will be unable to cast spells until it takes control over the victim’s body. Each day, the magic-user can attempt a contest of wills against the victim; each rolls a Will saving throw. If the magic-user succeeds at his save, and succeeds by more than the victim, he gains control of one arm. Another success wins him the other arm, and a third the legs. A failure over the same period loses him an arm or the legs. When the magic-user has control of the arms, he can cast magic spells again as normal.

(Yeah, The Thing With Two Heads was on TV this morning).


Level: Magic-User 4
Range: Close (30′)
Duration: 10 minutes

As hideous laughter, with the following differences: The victim is not completely helpless – they can move and even attack, but cannot stop cackling. Any strenuous activity causes fatigue for 10 minutes. Also, the cackling forces those who hear it to pass a Will save vs. fear or be affected as per the cause fear spell.


Level: Magic-User 3
Range: Close (30′)
Duration: 1 hour

This spell turns bone into steel. Only dead bones (i.e. not part of a living creature) are affected. Bones like femurs are turned into the equivalent of light maces. Animated skeletons gain AC 17.


Level: Magic-User 5
Range: Personal or 1 creature touched
Duration: 2 hours

The beneficiary of this spell does not suffer from gaze attacks as normal. If the gaze normally causes fear or blindness, it now instead reduces the victim’s Wisdom by half. If the gaze normally causes petrification, it now instead reduces the victim’s Dexterity by half. Other effects can be determined by the TK as necessary. The effects of the gaze attack last for 3 hours.


Mr. Sardonicus

Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 24 hours

The touched victim must pass a Fortitude save or their face is twisted into a terrible grimace, reducing their Charisma score to 3 for the duration of the spell.

Have fun, folks – don’t eat too much candy!


Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Close (30′)
Duration: 10 minutes

The magic-user holds an object (any object) up and focuses on a single victim. If the victim fails a Will saving throw, they become obsessed with possessing the object for 10 minutes, to the exclusion of all other goals. When they get the object, they crouch on the floor, petting it and proclaiming it their “precious”.

The Old Mage’s Almanac – Spells of Voice

A few spells occurred to me recently which I thought might be especially annoying to enemy spellcasters, bards and those who are generally talkative.

Level: Bard 2, Mage 2
Range: Close (30′)
Duration: 10 minutes

This spell causes people to speak unintelligibly for the duration. They understand other people perfectly well, and think they are forming normal sentences when they speak. They do not, therefore, realize that are speaking gibberish until it is pointed out to them. The afflicted may attempt a Will saving throw to negate the effect. Thereafter, he may attempt secondary Will save to make himself intelligible, with a penalty of -1 per word to be spoken. Spellcasters can make similar saving throws to utter their spells properly, with a penalty equal to the level of the spell +1. If a spell is uttered as gibberish, it is still considered “used” for that day.

Booming Voice
Level: Bard 1, Mage 2
Range: 120′
Duration: 1 hour + 1 hour per caster level

This spell affects up to 10 targets within 120 feet. The targets, if they fail a Will saving throw, cannot help but speak as loudly as possible. These booming voices have the normal chance for attracting wandering monsters, and might cause other calamities as well (per the TK’s discretion).

Loose Lips
Level: Bard 2, Cleric 3, Mage 3
Range: Close (30′)
Duration: 1 minute

This spell causes a single target, who can negate it with a successful Will saving throw, to divulge any secrets she is keeping for one minute. They usually start with their most pressing, timely secrets (like her plan for assassinating the king and queen with an exploding hedgehog), and work their way towards long held secrets from childhood (stole some tarts from the castle kitchen when she was 9).

Unseen Clerk
Level: Mage 0
Range: n/a
Duration: 1 hour

This spell creates something akin to an unseen servant, save it will do nothing but transcribe the activities of the spellcaster and her associates for 1 hour, including drawing a map of where they have explored in a dungeon and taking down all conversations within 60′ of the unseen clerk. The spellcaster can cause the unseen clerk to strike things from the record as she desires. The spellcaster must provide a pen and paper for the unseen clerk, and they will follow her around, busily scratching things down as she goes.

Two Cinematic Hex Crawls

Over the last few days, I managed to watch some D&D-ish movies before work – just dumb luck, they just happened to be on.

The first involved a few PC’s and their henchmen taking a dangerous cruise on a quest to break an evil magic-user’s polymorph other spell on a prince, who ended up a baboon. The quest eventually takes them to the arctic and a hidden, pleasant land within the arctic. On the way, they fight monsters, counter spells and eventually break the spell. Alas – no treasure, but they’ll probably be rewarded by the prince.

The second involved five people, four men and a woman, dragged from modern times into ancient Greece. The men are made galley slaves, while an evil king tries to romance the woman. The men eventually lead a slave revolt, wash up on shore, do a little hex crawling, and are made slaves again. Luckily, one of the guys ends up with an 18/00 strength (or maybe higher), and in this capacity serve a different king, and wind up fighting Hercules himself to get back to their own time period.

The first film was Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, the second The Three Stooges Meet Hercules. Scoff if you will, but the second flick is probably close to most D&D campaigns than the first. Oh, we all dream of Lord of the Rings-caliber gaming, but bumbling insanity is often what we get.

Both films were lots of fun – I’d actually never managed to watch the Sinbad flick, despite being a fan of Harryhausen – so here are a few bits and pieces inspired by these movies:

Giant Walrus


Size/Type: Huge Animal
Hit Dice: 11
Armor Class: 16
Attack: 1 bite (2d6)
Movement:15 (Swim 60)
Saves: F5 R8 W13
Alignment: Neutral (N)Intelligence: Animal
No. Appearing: 1
XP: 550 (CL 11)

Giant walruses are much like their smaller counterparts, though they are more aggressive.



Size/Type: Large Construct
Hit Dice: 6
Armor Class: 18
Attack: 1 gore (1d10) or by weapon (2d6)
Movement: 30
Saves: F11 R12 W12
Resistance: Fire, electricity
Alignment: Neutral (N)
Intelligence: Non-
No. Appearing: 1
XP: 600 (CL 7)

Minotons are bronze automatons made by magic-users for brute labor and basic fighting. Most are armed with spears. They are tireless and immune to all mind effects, and only obey the commands of their creator.



Size/Type: Large Giant
Hit Dice: 4
Armor Class: 14
Attack: 1 gore (1d6) and 1 slam (1d4) or by weapon (2d6)
Movement: 30
Saves: F10 R14 W15
Alignment: Neutral (N)Intelligence: Low to Average
No. Appearing: 1d4
XP: 200 (CL 4)

Troglodytes are large, primitive ancestors of human beings. They speak the language of simple primates, and though fearsome are not particularly aggressive. Female humanoids get a +2 reaction bonus with male troglodytes.

Eye of the Tiger


Level: Magic-User 3
Range: Personal
Duration: 10 minutes

When this spell is cast, a magic-user’s eyes become cat-like (giving them darkvision to a range of 60′). Any feline they look upon within 60′ must pass a Will saving throw or the magic-user turns into a vapor and inhabits the cat’s body. The magic-user retains her own intellect, and gains the fighting ability of the cat. The magic-user can leave the cat’s body at any time, but if they are still inside the cat when it is killed, they die along with it.

Two-Headed Cyclops


Size/Type: Huge Giant
Hit Dice: 16
Armor Class: 16
Attack: 2 weapons (3d6) or boulder (100’/3d6)
Movement: 40
Saves: F3 R7 W8; +2 save vs. mind effects
Alignment: Chaotic (CE)Intelligence: Low
No. Appearing: 1
XP: 800 (CL 16)

The two-headed cyclops stands about 50′ tall. It is terribly bright, but it really doesn’t need to be to get along.

Sleeping Pills

These magic items are akin to potions. They are made in lots of 4, and each pill packs the punch of a potion of sleep. Saves against them are saves against magic, not poison.

New Spell – New Monster – New Class

Just a few things that popped into my head lately …


Alter Voice
Level: Magic-user 0
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

This spell permits you to alter your voice, mimicking another voice you have heard perfectly. It does not enable you to speak another language, of course. The spell also alters your inner voice, permitting you to fool creatures through the medium of telepathy.

(I’ve watch lots of old movies and TV shows, in which characters have an uncanny ability to duplicate other character’s voices, especially over the phone)


Zoophytic Mangler
Size/Type: Medium Elemental
Hit Dice: 6
Armor Class: 17 [+1]
Attack: 2 slams (1d8)
Movement: 20
Saves: F10 R12 W12
Alignment: Neutral (N)
Intelligence: Non-
No. Appearing: 1
XP: 600 (CL 18)

A zoophytic mangler is an quasi-elemental creature raised from the sea floor by aquatic mages who have learned the spell. The creature is composed of a core of dead coral. Its exterior is covered with hundreds of beautiful, flower-like living corals. These corals exude a poisonous mist that surrounds the monster to a radius of 20′. Any creature breathing this mist must pass a Fortitude save at -2 or be affected as per Poison III. Those who do save are still sickened, and remain sickened for 1 hour after they leave the monster’s presence. This mist works in the open air and underwater.

(Just read a story about a venomous coral that has sickened quite a few folks)


Knight of Flowers

I drew this!

Knights of flowers are a variation on the paladin class. It is only open to halflings, gnomes and other small fey folk. A knight of flowers differs from the paladin as follows:

They must be good in alignment, but can be lawful good (the Rose Order), neutral good (the Lily Order) or chaotic good (the Daffodil Order).

They are skilled in nature lore and flower arranging, rather than riding

Can detect poison at will, instead of evil

Learns to turn plant creatures and evil fey, instead of undead

Instead of a gaining a special warhorse, they gain the ability to draw special abilities from wreaths of different flowers. The wreath must be woven by a maiden, dryad or nymph, and the magical potency of the flowers lasts for one adventure. The knight of flowers can only wear one wreath at a time:

  +1 to hit Evil — chestnut

  +1 to Charisma tasks — dahlia, daisy, dandelion, plum blossom

  +1 to Fortitude saves — ivy

  +1 to Intelligence tasks — cherry blossom, lilac, pansy

  +1 to Strength tasks — laurel

  +1 to Will saves — gladiolus

  +1 to melee damage — fennel, oak leaf

  +2 to save vs. disease and poison — lily

   1 re-roll (d20) per day — gardenia

  Animal Friendship (1/day) — magnolia

  Bane (1/day) — lobelia

  Calm Emotions (1/day) — bullrush, olive

  Charm Monster (1/day) — orchid

  Charm Person (1/day) — amaranth, carnation, jasmine, chrysanthemum, coriander, honeysuckle, tulip

  Color Spray (1/day) — iris

  Command (1/day) — heliotrope, thistle

  Crushing Despair (1/day) — yellow rose, rue

  Cure Light Wounds (1/day) — Eglantine rose, lotus

  Daze (1/day) — wormwood

  Detect Magic (1/day) — witch-hazel

  Disrupt Undead (1/day) — cypress

  Fool’s Gold (1/day) — buttercup

  Good Hope (1/day) — delphinium, peony

  Hold Person (1/day — mistletoe

  Inflict Light Wounds (1/day) — marigold

  Light (1/day) — sunflower

  Magic Weapon (1/day) — red rose

  Protection from Evil (1/day) — baby’s breath

  Protection from Normal Missiles (1/day) — heather

  Ray of Frost (1/day) — hydrangea

  Silence (1/day) — white rose

  Sleep (1/day) — poppy

  Speak with Dead (1/day) — asphodel

  Surprised on d8 — begonia

  Tongues (1/day) — balm

Can neutralize poison instead of curing disease

Casts spells from the druid spell list, instead of the paladin list

Otherwise, they have the paladin’s special abilities

Prank [New Spell]

I’ve been quite busy with real life the last week – you might note that I didn’t get a Dragon By Dragon out last Sunday – so I’m forcing myself to stop and write this.

Level: Illusionist 1
Range: Close (30′, 50′ for gnomes)
Duration: See below

The prank spell permits the illusionist to carry out one of several classic pranks, as follows.

  Blacken: Causes a black ring to appear around a person’s eye when using a spyglass
  Blat: Causes a roar of flatulence to blast out when somebody within range sits down

  Burn: Causes a bite of food to become extremely spicy; the victim must pass a Fortitude savinv throw or spit the food out, drink lots of water and generally carry on for a round

  Dribble: Causes liquid to dribble from a vessel on a person’s shirt

  Kick: Causes an illusory “kick me” sign to appear on the person’s back; the first person (other than the spellcaster) who sees it must pass a Will saving throw to resist the temptation

  Mark: Causes an illusory mustache and goatee (and perhaps blackens a tooth) on the target
  Slip: Causes a banana to appear under a person’s feet (Reflex save to avoid slipping)

  Sneeze: Causes the victim to break into a sneezing fit for 1 round if they fail a Fortitude save

  Squirt: Permits any flower within range to squirt a person in the face with water

  Tinkle: Causes a sensation of warm water on a sleeping person’s hand; they must pass a Fortitude save or have an accident

Some effects are instantaneous. Otherwise, the prank lasts for 1 minute per spellcaster level. Once the spell is cast, the illusionist has one turn (10 minutes) to activate the effect. Only one effect can be created with each casting of the spell.

Saving Some Gold Pieces (and a Spell)

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And on November 27th, I’m going to throw in some markdowns of my own for the holiday season. You’ll find the link to my storefront on the side over there.

Don’t forget, if you buy a hard cover book, I’ll send you a free PDF of that book.
And now, to keep this post from being nothing but a commercial, I will make up a magic spell …

Wind Tunnel
Level: Cleric 5, Druid 4, Magic-User 5
Range: Centered on caster
Duration: 1 minute

This spell creates a tunnel of powerful winds extending 10 feet per level ahead and behind the spellcaster. The tunnel is large enough for the spellcaster to walk through normally, though it obviously cannot be larger than the chamber or passage which the spellcaster currently occupies. Missile weapons, gases and breath weapons are deflected by the wind tunnel. Creatures outside the tunnel trying to force their way through the tunnel suffer the effects of entering a huge air elemental’s whirlwind. The caster can decide if creatures grabbed by the wind tunnel are carried forward or backward and then deposited on the ground, prone, where the tunnel ends.If the tunnel is not created on solid ground, the spellcaster’s comrades (though not the spellcaster, on whom the spell is centered) might fall into the winds themselves (in other words, it cannot be used to create a bridge across a chasm unless the spellcaster’s comrades want to ride the winds across).

(Essentially, this is a variation on, and enhancement of the wind wall spell).

Odds and Ends (or Monster and Spells to be Precise)


Large Ooze, Neutral (N), Non-Intelligent; Solitary

HD 8
AC 12
ATK Slam (1d6 + 1d6 acid)
MV see below
SV F10 R11 W11
XP 800 (CL 9)

Sinooze is an ooze that seeks out skeletal remains. It oozes over them and penetrates the bones with microscopic feelers, absorbing and reading the DNA. Using this information, it expands and takes the shape of the creature’s musculature.

The sinooze attacks and moves as the creature whose bones it animated. In addition, the monster deals acid damage when it successfully strikes. This acid damages organic materials and metal, but not stone.

Sinooze are flammable. When struck with fire, it suffers half damage, but is lit on fire. Subsequent successful attacks by the monster deal 1d6 points of fire damage. The monster continues to suffer 1d3 points of fire damage each round while ablaze.

Cold damage forces the ooze to pass a Fortitude saving throw or become thick and sluggish. Its movement is cut in half, and it becomes vulnerable to bludgeoning damage (i.e. takes full instead of half damage).

Special Qualities: Resistance to fire, weapon resistance

Bite of the Wolf
Level: Druid 2
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

The druid’s mouth becomes a wolf’s muzzle. The druid gains a bite attack that deals 1d4 points of damage. Victims of the attack must pass a Reflex save or be tripped and knocked prone.

Coils of the Constrictor
Level: Druid 2
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

The druid’s body becomes sinuous and flexible. On a successful grapple attack, the druid deals 1d4 points of damage and constricts his opponent for 1d4 points of damage per round until the grapple is broken.

Dwarfblood (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 1
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

For one hour, the magic-user gains the special racial abilities of a dwarf.

Elfblood (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

For one hour, the magic-user gains the special racial abilities of a elf.

Fangs of the Viper
Level: Druid 3
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

The druid’s mouth becomes fanged. The druid gains a bite attack that deals 1d3 points of damage and injects Poison III into the victim.

Flashing Blade (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 1
Area of Effect: One blade
Duration: 1 hour

This spell can be cast on one medium or large blade, which must be touched by the magic-user. For one hour, the blade shines with a bright, blinding light. When the sword is used for an unsuccessful attack, the target of the attack must pass a Reflex save or be blinded until the end of the next round.

Foreboding (Illusion)
Level: Magic-User 2
Range: 30 feet
Area of Effect: One creature
Duration: 6 hours

The target of this spell has terrible feeling of foreboding. While under the effects of the spell, she believes every find trap task check she makes succeeds (i.e. finds a trap), every remove trap task check fails, and all listen at doors task checks result in her hearing weird, threatening noises on the other side of the door.

Gnomeblood (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

For one hour, the magic-user gains the special racial abilities of a gnome.

Horns of the Rhino
Level: Druid 3
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

The druid’s nose and forehead broaden and grow a fierce horn. The druid gains a gore attack that deals 1d8 points of damage. Every gore attack counts as a bull rush attack.

Horseless Carriage (Conjuration)
Level: Magic-User 4
Range: Object touched
Duration: 1 hour

By touching a wagon or similar wheeled conveyance, you imbue with the ability to move on its own. The wagon moves by your command, and in much the same way as a horse would, save that the wagon operates by voice command. For every three levels you possess, the wagon is moved by the equivalent of one horse (i.e. gains one horsepower). A 7th level magic-user could conjure up two horsepower, while a 12th level magic-user could conjure up four horsepower.

Hover (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 3
Range: Personal or close
Duration: 1 hour

This spell works like the levitate spell, except that it gives the recipient of the spell the ability to move at a movement rate of 20 forward and backward, and the recipient of the spell only levitates 6 inches above a solid or liquid surface.

Hug of the Bear
Level: Druid 3
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

The druid’s arms become large and furry, and tipped with claws. The druid gains two claw attack each round that deals 1d6 points of damage. If both claw attacks hit a foe, they are automatically grappled.

Monstrous Mein (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 3
Range: Personal
Duration: 10 minutes

The magic-user’s creature type changes to monstrous humanoid. The magic-user gains darkvision to a range of 60 feet, is no longer affected by spells that affect humanoids (such as charm person), and gains a +2 bonus on Reflex saving throws. In addition, their visage becomes monstrous, and normal humans and men-at-arms must pass a Will saving throw upon seeing them or become frightened for 1d4 rounds.

Phantom Banker (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Close (30 feet)
Duration: Permanent

The magic-user changes one form of currency into the next higher form of currency, thus copper pieces into silver pieces, silver pieces into gold pieces, and gold pieces into platinum pieces. The total value of the coins does not change, thus 100 copper pieces can be changed into 10 silver pieces. Another use of the spell could then turn those 10 silver pieces into a single gold piece.

Polymath (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 3
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour per level

For the duration of this spell, the magic-user becomes a cleric, fighter or thief of her same level. The magic-user loses all magic-user abilities and restrictions for the duration of the spell, and for this reason they cannot end the spell early – the duration of the effect must be set by them when the cast the spell, up to one hour per level. While in their new class, they gain it’s hit dice (and thus re-roll hit points), saving throws, armor and weapon restrictions, special abilities, etc.

Polymath, Advanced (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 5
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour per level

As polymath, except the magic-user can become a multi-classed cleric/magic-user, fighter/magic-user or thief/magic-user of one level lower than their magic-user level (follow all normal multi-classing rules), or they can become a bard, ranger, barbarian, druid, assassin, etc. of one level lower than their magic-user level.

Potent Potables (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Close (30 feet)
Duration: 1 hour

All liquids within range of the magic-user take on the properties of alcohol for one hour. The liquids still taste the same, and potions still work as advertised, but the imbiber must pass a Fortitude saving throw or become drunk (treat as fatigued, but the player also has to slur their words when the speak and give out a loud, fake hiccup every so often – it’s called verisimilitude dude!)

Pussycat! (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 5
Range: Close (30 feet)
Duration: 1 minute

When the magic-user yells “pussycat!”, the most powerful creature (by number of levels or hit dice) is polymorphed into a normal cat for one minute, and it must pass a Will save or be frightened for the duration of the spell.

Quills of the Porcupine
Level: Druid 3
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

The druid grows quills from his back and the back of his head and arms. When they make a successful bull rush attack, they deal an additional 1d6 points of damage, and creatures that miss them in melee combat must pass a Reflex saving throw or suffer 1 point of damage. The druid’s clothing is ruined by this spell, and she cannot cast it while wearing armor.

Sepulchral Power (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 5
Range: Personal
Duration: 10 minutes

The magic-user’s creature type changes to undead. The magic-user gains darkvision to a range of 60 feet, is no longer affected by spells that affect humanoids (such as charm person), is immune to illusions and mind-affecting effects, poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, stunning attacks, and gains a +2 bonus on Fortitude saving throws. They are still affected by death effects, but are now healed by negative energy and damaged by positive energy. Their appearance becomes gray and decayed, and normal humans and men-at-arms must pass a Will saving throw upon seeing them or become frightened for 1d6 rounds. As undead, they are liable to be turned or rebuked (and thus destroyed or controlled) by clerics and other classes with those abilities.

Spikes (Conjuration)
Level: Magic-User 2, Druid 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour

Armor touched by the spellcaster gains armor spikes, per the normal rules for armor spikes.

Supernumerary (Divination)
Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Close (30 feet)
Duration: Instantaneous

The magic-user instantly ascertains the exact quantity of one type of item within range, for example all the coins in an area by type.

Telecommunication (Conjuration)
Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour

The magic-user turns two cans, glasses, jars, etc. touched into a “telephone”. The objects are connected by an ethereal “wire” up to 1 mile long, and essentially work as though they were two tin cans connected by a string. There is some danger connected with this spell. When people communicate through it, they send out vibrations into the ethereal plane, and there is a 5% chance per conversation of attracting the attention of a wandering ethereal filcher.

Level: Druid 2, Ranger 2
Range: Close (30 feet)
Duration: 1 hour

One creature within range leaves white tracks – as though it stepped in white paint – wherever it goes for one hour. This makes tracking a snap under most conditions.

Nodian Grimoire – Four New Spells

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I don’t invent all that many new spells – there are already so many of them, and I find that new ones often go unprepared because they’re a bit too niche – in other words, players don’t know what’s coming, so they tend to prepare the most tried and true spells for their clerics and magic-users.

That being said, a few ideas recently popped into my head, so I figured I would write them up.


Level: Cleric 8
Range: Immediate area
Duration: 1 hour

This spell works much as animate object, except that it animates an entire room as a single monster. The room has the statistics of a huge animated object, and can use the objects within it as weapons to attack.


Level: Cleric 6
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 minute

The cleric takes on the physical form of his or her patron deity for one minute. Their equipment might change its form, but not its properties, magical or mundane (i.e. chainmail may look like +3 platemail, but it still acts like normal chainmail). Followers and enemies of the god or goddess must pass a Will saving throw or be stunned. This state lasts until the “deity” is hit in combat and damaged, or the “deity” or any of the “deity’s” allies attack the stunned creatures.

In addition to looking like their deity, the cleric gains the following special abilities: Suffer half damage from non-magical weapons and attacks, enjoys 5% spell resistance, and gains one special attack associated with their deity. This special attack should be no more powerful than a 3rd level spell, and can be used once.


Level: Magic-User 6
Range: Personal
Duration: 24 hours

By casting this spell, a magic-user declares a trigger spell, and the spell that will be triggered when that spell is cast in the magic-user’s presence, but not by the magic-user herself. Once this spell is cast, the effect lasts for 24 hours. If during that time any creature casts the trigger spell (hereafter known as the triggerer), instead of the trigger spell’s effect, a different spell is cast, with quid pro quo’s caster as the origin of the spell and the triggerer as the target (if applicable).


Level: Magic-User 3
Area: One 3-ft. x 3-ft. x 3-ft. cube per level (max 30-ft. cube)
Duration: 1 minute

You rob the air within the area of effect of oxygen. You can move the area of effect while the spell lasts by concentrating on it – this concentration precludes other actions. Creatures within the thin air that engage in strenuous activity (running, climbing, fighting, etc.) must pass a Fortitude saving throw each round or become fatigued. A fatigued creature must continue to attempt Fortitude saving throws to avoid becoming dazed. Dazes creatures must continue to attempt Fortitude saving throws to avoid becoming unconscious. This unconscious state lasts for as long as the creature remains in the thin air, and 1d6 rounds thereafter.

Grand Curses

First post of 2014!!!


Sometimes a simple spell just is not enough. Sometimes, that damn village that ran you out of town because your barbarian is a half-orc needs to learn what for. Sometimes that pompous duchess who stiffed you after you slayed the local dragon needs to find out you’re not to be messed with. Sometimes, a simple spell is not enough – you need a Grand Curse!

Grand curses are not unlike normal spells in their overall effect, but they strike many more targets than a normal spell. Grand curses spread like plagues. They are cast on a single person and from that person affect all others with which they have contact. In this way, a grand curse can impact virtually every person in a village, town, castle or even kingdom. Grand curses are no more difficult than the normal spells they mimic, but their cost is much higher for the spellcaster.

A spellcaster can turn any spell he or she knows into a grand curse. To do so, they must know the spell the grand curse is to mimic, and they must be willing to sacrifice a pound of their own flesh, metaphorically. Each person affected by a grand curse costs the original spellcaster 10 experience points per level of the mimicked spell. Affected, in this case, means any creature forced to attempt a saving throw versus the spell. If a village of 100 people is affected, for example, by a sleep spell in the form of a grand curse, the spellcaster would lose 4,000 XP. These lost XP can force a spellcaster to lose a level, so when you unleash a grand curse, beware! In addition, the grand curse counts as a spell four levels higher than the spell it mimics.

In all cases, the spellcaster casts the grand curse at one initial victim. This person receives a normal saving throw, but at a -4 penalty. If they pass their saving throw, the grand curse fails. Otherwise, they suffer the effects of the spell with a permanent duration until dispelled with dispel magic spell or remove curse. Each person that sees or has some sort of contact with the victim of the grand curse while they are feeling its effects must succeed at a saving throw themselves or become a victim of the grand curse themselves. The effects of the grand curse affect a victim 1d6 turns (i.e. 10-60 minutes) after they fail their saving throw, so it is possible for the victims to move about quite a bit – all the better to spread the curse.

And before you ask – yes, grand curses must have a negative effect on their victims. No cursing people with cure light wounds!

The following are examples of grand curses.

Beauty’s Sleep
Level: Magic-User 4

This grand curse mimics the sleep spell. Each person that sees a sleeping victim of the spell must pass a Will saving throw or fall to sleep themselves.

Black Mood
Level: Magic-User 8

This grand curse mimics the crushing despair spell. Each person that sees a weeping or otherwise saddened victim of the spell must pass a Will saving throw or fall into despair themselves.

Confusion of Tongues
Level: Magic-User 7

This grand curse mimics the garble spell. Each person that speaks with an addle-brained victim of the spell must pass a Will saving throw or become addle-brained themselves. The garble spell appears in The NOD Companion.

Danse Macabre
Level: Cleric 7

This grand curse mimics the cause disease spell. Each person that comes within 10 feet of a diseased victim of the spell must pass a Will saving throw or fall sick themselves.

Infectious Laughter
Level: Magic-User 6

This grand curse mimics the hideous laughter spell. Each person that hears a laughing victim of the spell must pass a Will saving throw or laugh themselves.

Mass Hysteria
Level: Magic-User 8

This grand curse mimics the confusion spell. Each person that comes within 10 feet of a confused victim of the spell must pass a Will saving throw or become confused themselves.

Plague of Accidents
Level: Magic-User 8

This grand curse mimics the fumble spell. Each person that sees a person drop something must pass a Will saving throw or become clumsy themselves. The fumble spell appears in The NOD Companion.

St Vitus’ Dance
Level: Magic-User 12

This grand curse mimics the irresistible dance spell. Each person that sees a dancing victim of the spell must pass a Will saving throw or dance themselves. Oh, and I know – there are no 12th level spells – but damn this would be cool. Maybe save it for an evil demigod.