NOD 28, Revisions and Goodies

It’s a bad sign when you start all of your blog posts with “I’m sorry I haven’t posted lately …”. Still, I’ve been a busy boy, so I have a good excuse. Here are my current RPG projects and a glimpse at what I would like to do moving forward, as well as a few RPG odds and ends mixed in to make this more than an advertisement.

NOD 28

First and foremost – I’ve put NOD 28 out for sale today as a PDF! It’s going for $4.99 – 78 pages, with part one of the Trollheim Mountains hex crawl (trolls, pseudo-Russians, elemental folk, a crazed demigod, etc.), a Swiss mercenary character class, new rules for handling disease in RPG’s and a campaign idea for a “World of Atlantis” game drawing from Theosophy’s notion of “root races”. Tons of fun for $4.99. GET IT HERE or HERE.

BLOOD & TREASURE 2nd edition

I’m about 80% complete with editing and laying out the new B&T Player’s Tome, and about 35% complete with the Treasure Keeper’s Tome. The 2nd edition will not be a major departure from the first, but I’ve made some adjustments to saving throw values, XP requirements, I’ve tried to give the sorcerer some personality and make the ranger the cool cat I remember from youth, streamline any rules that could use streamlining, etc. The goal is still RULES LITE – OPTIONS HEAVY. Most of the work I’ve done is concerned with improving the layout and incorporating the first edition errata. I’ve also commissioned new covers from David Williams, which are being colored now. Here’s a sneak peek – half of this image will be the Player’s Tome, the other half will be the TK’s Tome.

If anybody has an ingenious old school idea they think would improve fantasy gaming, let me know and I’ll see if I can’t incorporate it into the rules.


Goatmen live in hidden valleys, deep within forbidding mountains. Half mad, chaos flows through their veins. When the moon is full, they descend into the lowlands, seeking out people to torment or torture.

Goatman, Medium Monstrous Humanoid: HD 1; AC 16; ATK 1 slam (1d6); MV 30; SV F15 R13 W14; XP 250 (CL3); Special-Auras.

Goatmen cause fear (as the spell) to all within 10′ of them. Each time a person succumbs to this fear, the goatman grows larger, gaining 1 hit dice (and all that goes with it). At 6 HD, they become large creatures and their aura changes to one of madness (save or go temporarily mad). Each person that goes mad causes the goatman to gain another HD. At 12 HD, the goatman becomes huge, and the aura becomes one of death. All within 10′ of the beast must save or die. Each creature that dies increases the goatman’s hit dice by 1. At 18 HD, the goatman explodes into shadow and ceases to exist. The land where he explodes becomes permanently blighted and haunted by the souls of those who died.


I’m further along with the MM! revision than B&T. The book is laid out, the rules tinkered with, and now I just need to give it a thorough editing. This version will still have the sample Shore City setting and the sample adventure, but will also include several write-ups of heroes and villains.


Magic-User 2
Range 10′ radius
Duration 1 minute

One enemy helps you despite himself. When this spell is cast, one enemy within 10′ chosen at random must pass a Will save or become your unwitting, unwilling ally. Every move the creature makes has the possibility of helping you. For each action, roll 1d6.

1-2. The creature’s action proceeds as normal.
3-5. The creature’s action proceeds as normal, but has a side effect useful to you.
6. The creature’s action is twisted to your purpose entirely.

Help, in this case, is up to the referee, but would include things like the monster making a move, but also accidentally tripping or running into one his allies, the monster making an attack, but accidentally attacking an ally as well, etc.


The latest Quick and Easy RPG is Black Plague, which really just needs some editing and it’s ready to go. This one is set in the era of Europe’s religious wars (mostly the Hundred Years War), and is intended to be grim and gritty – more survive than thrive. This Q&E is a bit heftier than past editions, due to containing a bit more setting info and some rules for disease and damnation.


A leaf swarm is a swarm of vicious green insects. They descend on a tree, strip it of leaves, and then take their place. When a creature nears the tree, the leaf swarm strikes, surprising on a roll of 1-4 on 1d6. The monster’s stings cause blindness. The first save a creature fails blurs their vision (-2 to hit and damage), the second failed save blinds them for 1 minute, and the third blinds them permanently.

Leaf Swarm, Tiny Vermin: HD 4; AC 13; ATK 1 swarm (1d3 + special); MV Fly 60; SV F14 R13 W14; XP 400 (CL5); Special-Blindness.


What I’d like to start doing next is producing more adventure material for the games I’ve written. No more games for me – just fun, supplemental material.

For GRIT & VIGOR I want to do setting books that cover different eras – the historical events that lend themselves towards adventure, the equipment, the personalities. Each book would also have an adventure for that era. These would be trade paperbacks, probably 40 to 60 pages.

For MYSTERY MEN! I’d like to do some short books of heroes and villains, also accompanied by an adventure or two. They might be themed, or they might just be whatever tickles my fancy. These would maybe run 20 to 30 pages, trade paperback.

For BLOOD & TREASURE I’d like to do some adventures, with a few new monsters, new spells, etc. Again, trade paperback, probably 30 to 40 pages.

I also want to start writing supplements called THE LAND OF NOD that would provide hex crawls, mini-adventures and other setting material. These would probably also be trade paperbacks, maybe in a landscape format. Page count here would probably be around 120 pages. The first step would be to collect and revise the old NOD hex crawls.

I still have a revision of Space Princess and Pars Fortuna slated for the second half of this year, and I have more Bloody Basics I would like to make.

So – that’s what’s on my agenda for 2016. We’ll see how far I get. Hopefully, as the revisions and editing slows down I’ll have more time for blogging. I have tons of ideas that need to be fleshed out, and God willing I’ll start that fleshing process as the year wears on.



I have three new (or recent) releases to bring to your kind attention.
Before I talk about them, though, HERE’S A LINK to those Bloody Basic printable character sheets I mentioned (including Weird Fantasy edition), with background color removed.

NOD 27

This issue of NOD features:

* Gloriana’s Blessed Isle, Part 2 – The continuation of the Ulflandia hex crawl that started in NOD 26 – this one covers a little of the island, the Bragart Hills, the southern portion of the Klarkash Mountains and a wee bit of the Wyvern Coast … a real cross roads. Features some groovy art by Denis McCarthy

* d20 Mecha I: The Classes – The first part of a three part article on adapting d20-based games for giant robot adventures – by my good friend and mecha-aficionado Luke DeGraw. Part 2 will cover equipment, and in Part 3 we’re going to collaborate on simplified rules for the mecha themselves, using some of the rules I’ve developed for GRIT & VIGOR.

* The Nodian Bestiary – Featuring 10 new monsters

* Strength: A Primer – Exploring the strength ability score

* The Muscleman – A new class that puts strength to the test … yeah, he can bite through chains and throw halflings … nice art by NOD regular Jon Kaufman

* You Pull the Lever and … – Ideas for lever-based traps and tricks … with more from Kaufman

* Racial Variations: Earth – Elemental twists on the classic fantasy races … and a third Kaufman piece

* Plan 9 from Outer Space: The RPG – A Quick & Easy minigame for Halloween … I’m super excited about this silly thing

* The Grey Planet Beckons – The negative-energy planet Pluto for the Nodian cosmos

$4.99 for the e-book … print edition coming soon 


I know some folks have been waiting for this one. The Weird Fantasy Edition rules are inspired by the wondrous prose and poetry of Clark Ashton Smith and Lord Dunsany and the art of such luminaries as Aubrey Beardsley and Sidney Sime. It include rules for the races, classes, spells and monsters of weird fantasy tales. Ever wanted to play a grotesque puissant? Now’s your chance.

This one was briefly in the Top 10 hottest titles on rpgnow … pretty cool!

$4.99 for the e-book … print edition coming soon


Can you survive the mean streets of New York City in the 1970’s? Muggers, psychos, junkies, sewer-gators, street punks, and gangsters! Oh My!

Deviant Decade is a quick and easy game to learn and play. All you need is a few friends, some pencils and paper, a few ordinary dice and this book … leisure suits are optional.

$2.99 for the e-book (no stagflation here) … print edition coming soon

For sale now at both Lulu and Drive Thru / Rpgnow


Well, I think that’s enough productivity for the moment. I’m working on Black Death (coming along nicely – and a little more meat than past Quick & Easy games – I think Swords & Sandals will need a revision next year) and NOD 28 (exploring the northern Land of Og in this one) now, and I’m determined to get GRIT & VIGOR released by the end of the year.

Then I can focus on the revisions of BLOOD & TREASURE, MYSTERY MEN!, SPACE PRINCESS and PARS FORTUNA. I’ve already commissioned new cover art for B&T!!! Super excited.

NOD for 2015

NOD 25 – the PDF version – is now up for sale at The link to my shop is on the right, or you can click HERE to go directly to the magazine. What does it hold?

NOD 25 – First issue of 2015! In this issue, the Klarkash Mountains hex crawl through weird, goblin-infested mountains. Also – The Thirty Years War Camapaign, the Landsknecht class, a Pen & Paper Football Game (American Football), random tables for making weird ecologies and a couple magic items. 76 pages.

On sale for $4.99

Now that it’s up, it’s time to start writing NOD 26, and to polish up the next Bloody Basic edition. GRIT & VIGOR is being play-tested now, and if I can find the time I’m going to do a short play-test adventure on Google+, in case anyone is interested.

Time to Get Your Ende On – NOD 23!

I remember when I knocked these out in two months …

Nonetheless, NOD 23 is ready for download on

NOD 23 features the beginning of the India-inspired Ende hex crawl, the end of the Dungeon of the Apes adventure, a random list of weird things to do with wizard brains, Thor vs. the Monster Maids – a new hero and villain for Mystery Men! and four new mythic races inspired by Indian mytholody. 64 pages.

Selling for $3.99 folks – check it out if you have a mind to.

On the Bloody Basic front – Classic Edition is written and being edited. Blood Basic-Contemporary Edition is written and not yet being edited – it features different races – automatons, drakkars and tieflings – and some different classes – sorcerer instead of magic-user – and sub-classes – arcane archer, monk, warlock and shadowdancer, as well as a few different modern spells and a bunch of more modern monsters. I’m dealing with a research conference for the next few days, but I’ll try to find some time to edit it. I’m about halfway through writing Bloody Basic-Chaos Edition.

In other news – May is going to be devoted to finishing the Monster Tome and getting it published – super excited about it. Then I’ll focus on NOD 24 and Grit & Vigor. A full plate, but a happy one!

Also, I promise to get more gaming-related posts up soon – I have a ton of posts I need to finish up, so there’s more material coming.

The Trophy Case – a Magazine to Check Out

Hey folks,

Busy scribbling away at my monster book (I think I have the layout figured out) and GRIT & VIGOR, and finishing up NOD 23 (Zombies and Apes!), but I wanted to take a couple moments and point people to a gaming zine called The Trophy Case.

Written by Scott Casper, the writer of Hideouts & Hoodlums, a Swords & Wizardry-inspired superhero game, the zine focuses on golden and silver age heroes, with plenty of stats for H&H, comic book reviews and a nice locale for heroic adventures – the Double L Dude Ranch. Volume 2 – Issue 7 also features a very kind review of Mystery Men!

If you have the time and $0.50 (yes folks, just two thin quarters, four bits!) you can visit Scott’s page at Drive Thru RPG or, and pick up The Trophy Case and get your golden age on.

Now then – back to work!

NOD 20 Released … Finally

So what took so long? Well, I’ll tell you, but first …

The twentieth issue of NOD finally arrives, detailing the fantasy colonial city of Dweomer Baye. This issue also includes the Vigilante class for Blood & Treasure, new aquatic monsters, cosmic hero Starman for Mystery Men!, an unholy relic, alien cocktails for Space Princess, random dungeon noises and the bogeyman! 34 pages

Click here to buy NOD 20 for $1.99

So, why did I take so long to finish one of the shortest (maybe the shortest) issue of NOD yet?

I think, first and foremost, my brain wanted to take a pseudo-sabatical from RPG writing. My post count has been low on the blog, and my output outside the blog has been a bit lower than usual. Earlier this year, I finished a couple issues of NOD and did some freelance work besides (more monster lairs), so the little grey cells, they were a bit fatigued mon ami,

While my brain was dragging its feet (sounds like something Yogi Berra would have said) on NOD 20, it was also dragging its feet on ACTION X and the NOD Companion – so I’ve been slowly working on all three projects.

Fortunately, I’m starting to get back into high gear (well, maybe second gear), and I’m also getting a bit more excited about NOD 21, which will detail the western half of the Virgin Woode hex-crawl. This will concern the Damnable Sea and the Victorian/Atlantean aquatic elves who dwell beneath its waves and are preparing to launch a war of conquest on the surface dwellers. They’ve enslaved the locathah, scattered the sahuagin, and now they’re turning their eyes towards humanity!

For ACTION X, I’m currently detailing some notable automobiles from the 20th century for the game. I still need to grab spell descriptions from B&T and some psionic power descriptions from Tanner Yea’s excellent Psionics of Lore supplement for the Spells/Powers section, but otherwise it’s just about ready to playtest. For anyone interested in participating, I plan to run the playtest on Google+ – it will involve entering Iran Mission:Impossible-style to capture or help escape (who knows!) a scientist working on their nuclear weapons program.

For the NOD Companion, I’m detailing the gazetteer portion that gives people an overview of the NOD campaign world in its entirety. I was originally going to make it somewhat detailed, then changed my mind and thought about doing the entire thing as a travelogue involving a Tremanni merchant, and have finally settled on doing more of a glossography with some hand drawn maps. When finished, it will include the overview of NOD, a collection of classes published in NOD and updated for Blood & Treasure, new weapons and some other character-oriented articles from NOD.

So – that’s the gaming side of “why it took so long”. The other side is what’s known as “my real job”.

For those who don’t know, I am a researcher/pseudo-economist who tracks the commercial real estate market in Southern Nevada (i.e. Las Vegas). I maintain an oft-neglected blog concerning commercial real estate, maintain a massive database all on my lonesome, and produce quarterly reports. Back when I started the blog and the hobby publishing, I produced three quarterly reports, detailing the industrial, office and retail markets in Las Vegas. Now, I produce those, as well as reports on the local economy, the hospitality sector, medical office, multifamily, rarely land and I help with a gaming report. I’ve also started doing some freelance economic work. In other words, I do quite a bit of writing, and that’s detracted a bit from my hobby writing.

Still, I think I’m getting back in the swing, so expect more content moving forward than you’ve seen in the last few months. Hopefully, as Frog God Games finishes the big projects it has on its plate, I’ll get the nod (no pun intended) to produce some more Hex Crawl Chronicles for them.

Get Yourself Some NOD 19, Fool!

Yes, true believers (sorry Stan, needed a quick catchphrase)! NOD 19 is now available in digital form, paperback to follow when I see a review copy. What does this time hold? Dig some descriptive text:

“Spring has sprung, and so has NOD 19 (okay, that was lame, but this descriptive text gets tricky after a while). Anyhow – NOD 19 features the first half of the Virgin Woode hex crawl, a bunch of monsters, the puritan class, four new classes for Space Princess, a new race/class for Pars Fortuna and a bunch of other cool junk! 68 pages of excellence!”

There you have it, lads and lasses. Check out some NOD 19 and rock your brain-stem with fantasy goodness for $2.99 (cheap).

Check it out HERE!

And the MAP can be found HERE 

or just look below …

So far, only the western portion is filled in – the eastern portion will be detailed in NOD 21, while NOD 20 will focus on the colonial city-state of Dweomer Baye.

Hey 2012 – Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya

Well, the end of 2012. A pretty good year for me, in terms of publishing, and not too bad otherwise as well. Any year you can walk away from is a good one!

As you’re sit around waiting for 2013 to start, feel free to buy NOD 18 – just up for sale on Lulu as a PDF. I’ll have the print copy up as soon as I get a proof copy. What’s in this issue?

– Cush/Pwenet hexcrawl – eastern half (oh, and map J12 is now up on the Nod page on this blog)

– As the Cleric Turns – alternate turn undead effects for clerics

– Cock of the Walk – variant cockatrices

– Of Nomes and Genomes – new races for Space Princess and Pars Fortuna

– Random Jeweled Thrones – design some fancy places for royals to park their keisters

– Personal Quests – add some storytelling to the dungeon-crawling

– Santas for All – Who brings good little elves, dwarves and halflings presents?

– The Shadow Dancer – a new class for Blood & Treasure

– Making Alignment Count – some schemes on making alignment more than just a word on a character sheet

64 pages, $2.99

Later tonight, I’ve got a goofy new class for you’re game I think you might enjoy.

Also – my sincerest thanks to all you folks who read the blog and spend your coin on my products. I never thought this whole self-publishing thing would work out so well, and I owe its success to the reception you’ve given it. Hopefully, there will be many more books to come, including the NOD Companion and Action X.

So, let’s say goodbye to that old bastard 2012 – have a couple cocktails, chill the champagne and, if you’re fortunate, pucker up for that new bastard 2013!

NOD 17 – Just in Time for Halloween!

It was a struggle today (embedding fonts in Adobe can be more frightening than a teenaged werewolf!) but NOD 17 is finally up for sale as a PDF!

Within it’s 50 pages you will find …

IXUM, City of the Savannah – a fantasy city on the savannah of Pwenet with over 60 locations.

36 MONSTERS OF DISTINCTION – If you’ve been following the blog this October, you know what to expect here – 36 Halloweeny monsters that are more than just a set of stats

DINOSAURS WITH A DIFFERENCE – A random table of modifications to make dinosaurs more memorable

IT’S THE MONSTER’S TURN – Four monstrous classes for Blood & Treasure – The Demon, the Devil, the Red Dragon and the Vampire. It ain’t just humans who like to kill things and take their stuff!

BAR FIGHTS – The bar fight matrix (and an excellent illustration by Jon Kaufman)

A SKELETON FOR EVERY OCCASION – 18 skeletons to challenge characters of any level

QUEENS OF ELEMENTAL AIR – Radiant elemental queens from the Plane of Air

SWORDS, SORCERY AND MYSTERY MEN! – A short guide to running heroic fantasy adventures  using Mystery Men!

MEET THE MACABRES – A “mysterious and spooky” race for fantasy games.

Hope folks enjoy it! The print edition will be out as soon as I get my review copy – probably about 10 to 12 days.

NOD 18 in two months will complete 3 years of this little effort of mine – can’t wait!


NOD 16 Published … And On Sale Even!

Dig it cats and kittens – I finally got NOD 16 up on for sale as a book and a PDF. And since I missed the big sale that ended yesterday, for a limited time you can get the book for 20% off.

This issue of NOD takes you into the jungles of Cush, the newest hexcrawl set in the Land of Nod. Also includes monsters from African folklore and mythology, the beastmaster PC class, an alternative super power system for Mystery Men!, mystic minerals and variant green dragons.

Book is $9.99 ($7.99 for a limited time)

E-Book is $4.99

Now I just need to get my ass in gear and write a couple Hex Crawl Chronicles and NOD 17 …