Deviant Friday – Ming Doyle Edition

If I was starting up a brand new sci-fi/fantasy pulp fiction magazine (and I’m not), one of the first artists I would hit up for black and white interior art would be Ming Doyle, MysteryMing on DeviantART. She has a great off-kilter style with strong lines that show a mind at work behind them. Dig it, Nodians … HeroesCon ’12 pre-commission: Jem by ~mysteryming on deviantART

Had to do it; my daughter is watching these recently … Big Barda Redesigned by ~mysteryming on deviantART

Great redesign Aquagirl by ~mysteryming on deviantART

Because there isn’t a surfeit of eel-punching on the internet Corpse Flower by ~mysteryming on deviantART

Because … uh, it’s weird TLA alien design by ~mysteryming on deviantART

Because I dig it Vlad the Impaler by ~mysteryming on deviantART

If a guy wearing a skirt of severed heads isn’t in your dungeon somewhere, you just aren’t getting it … Bride of Frankenstein by ~mysteryming on deviantART

Love the bride … excellent character design from the very beginning

Deviant Friday – Mutley James Edition

Fun one today, lads and lasses. It’s been a hellacious week of work that is, thankfully, going to capped by cocktails (plural) and steaks. See you tomorrow with a new Dragon by Dragon …

Medusa kiss by ~mutleyjames on deviantART

The Yellow Kid lives in NOD, you know …
There’s more to unicorns than you think …
This rendition of Chewbacca appears to have the Innsmouth look to him …
Stylistically, it feels like a combination of Herculoids and Sea Monkeys

Deviant Friday – Mshindo I. Kuumba Edition

Mshindo I. Kuumba (Mshindo9 on deviantART) does some really great work in a highly neglected area – African fantasy. Take it from somebody who is about to embark on an Africa-themed hexcrawl, good public domain art on the subject is difficult to find. If I can afford Mshindo (and I probably can’t), I might commission him to do some work. Enjoy!

Deviant Friday – Moritat Edition

It’s been a heck of a week and I’m as tired as a one-legged orc at flumph kicking contest. So, enjoy some art from Moritat, who is exceptionally skilled at drawing T&A and many other things (beautiful line work, incredible flow, great colors, etc). If T&A (Not Tunnels & Androids … oh crap, I think I have a new idea for a game) is not your thing, please ignore this post. If T&A and excellent art are your bread and butter, though, please read on!

See, I wasn’t lying.
1900-1920 is largely an undiscovered country in terms of gaming … excellent period for full-throated ADVENTURE though.
This makes me think of old Conan, who left his throne to sail across the sea to undiscovered lands (and since there were already Native American pastiches lurking in the lands he knew, what on earth did he find there – perhaps Tolkien’s elves? There’s a campaign for you – barbarian adventurers sailing into the elven lands in the mysterious West … which, if I’m honest, is my plan for the continent of Hybresail in NOD)
We’ll end this trip into DeviantArt with a jungle queen we can all get behind *ahem*

Deviant Friday – mooncalfe Edition

How do I describe mooncalfe’s work. It’s comic book, but a step up from the usual fare – more akin to the European style, I think. Always interesting, sometimes challenging, with excellent line work and great colors. Give it a look and visit Ross’s DA page to leave a comment or two if you dig it.

Anyone who can do a good Kitty Pryde is okay in my book, and this is a great Kitty Pryde.

Deviant Friday – Monsieur Fantasy Edition

Sir Jeremy Jumbles

I’m runnin’ and gunnin’ today trying to catch my breath after my company put on it’s 17th annual Links for Life charity golf tournament at the historic (and very awesome) Las Vegas Country Club. It was an excellent day, money was made for local children’s charities, and we’re all exhausted. So please excuse the lack of posts for the last couple days, and please enjoy a bit of art (and an easy post for me) today.

How can you go wrong with a guy called Monsieur Fantasy?

John Patience does whimsical fantasy as well as anyone, and he’s crackerjack at the craft of illustration as well. I love a bit of fairy tale in my fantasy – straight epic myth is just too much for me.

[The image that made me a fan. This would, by the way, make a tremendous magical trap for a dungeon. You sit in a chair, become magically fastened to it, and it animates and starts running you randomly through the dungeon.]

Deviant Friday – Mike Hawthorne Edition

Mike Hawthorne – MisterHardtimes on DeviantArt – has a clean, modern style and a gallery that ranges from comic books to video games. Take a look and visit his gallery. If you like his stuff, let him know.

And my favorite of the bunch today …

Yep, unrepentant Barda fan.

Deviant Friday – Minnhagen Edition

Mats Minnhagen is something else. Since I started this series of spotlights on Deviant Art artists, I’ve been waiting for Minnhagen to come up so I could post his floating fish painting. Love it. Great inspiration from Tenggren.

Deviant Friday – MiG-05 Edition

No, not a Russian fighter plane, the artist Michael Gullbrandson (that opening was so hacky I want to kill myself). This guy has ridiculously nice lines – clean and precise, but not cold and soulless. Good stuff. Give it a look and visit his page for more.

For me, this next one is the pièce de résistance that inspired one of the cities in Nod.

Deviant Friday – MiaCabrera Edition

Big and bold images today from Eddie Nunez, AKA MiaCabrera. Enjoy!

Oh, and this weekend I’m going to get around to making stats for the slaad replacements for Blood & Treasure – the xaoc. Stay tuned.

I have fond memories of Bubblegum Crisis. Might be fun to do some anime-inspired material for Mystery Men!
And for the finale’, a totally non-cheesecakey illustration of Red Sonja.
Well, maybe a little cheesecakey.