Deviant Friday – It’s a Free For All!

Looking for a quick post this fine Friday, so I thought I’d show off a few recent deviations at deviantArt that I enjoyed. If you like them, be sure to visit the artist and maybe consider purchasing a little something (assuming they’re selling).

Enjoy Some Art While I’m Getting Blitzed [mild NSFW]

Every year, one of the brokers I work with takes all the staff out for a Christmas outing that involves a party bus, lots of drinks and something like a wax museum, go-carts or firing submachine guns. You know, the normal Christmas fare. So, while I’m out tomorrow (I’m writing this yesterday) getting sloshed and doing God-knows-what, you can enjoy some of my recent favorites at Deviant Art. Ta ta!

Oh, and we veer into NSFW territory at the end, so be forewarned – but it is spectacular, so if you have to wait until you get home, see that you do.

One of my favorite cosplays ever!
And with no further ado …
Better than the original, in my opinion.

Deviant Friday – Nephyla Edition

Nephyla’s style reminds me of European, especially French, comic book art – creative, whimsical, great lines, great details. It’s still a dream of mine to produce successive editions of a good rules lite retro-clone – say Swords & Wizardry for example – illustrated entirely by different artists. Nephyla would definitely be an artist I’d love to see give her take on old school fantasy gaming. If you like the work, make sure you visit the artist at DeviantArt.

+PORTRAIT+ Saskia by *Nephyla on deviantART
+PORTRAIT+ Kohaku by *Nephyla on deviantART
The Ved’ma by *Nephyla on deviantART
+PORTRAIT+ Melisende by *Nephyla on deviantART
+PORTRAIT+ Evelyne de Breuil by *Nephyla on deviantART
+PORTRAIT+ Selene by *Nephyla on deviantART
+PORTRAIT+ Clea by *Nephyla on deviantART
+COMMISSION+Tragedy by *Nephyla on deviantART
+PORTRAIT+ Elis by *Nephyla on deviantART
+PORTRAIT+Leith by *Nephyla on deviantART

Deviant Friday – Recent Favorites

Here are a few of the illustrations I’ve “favorited” (yeah, favorite is now a verb – get used to it) on DeviantArt recently. Enjoy!

(always one of my favorites – I should be getting the recreation of Morgan Ironwolf in the mail soon!)

(Shame this game wasn’t made – probably would have been fun)

(I so prefer this to the more anime-inspired armor and weapons that show up in many fantasy RPG products these days.)

If you like these, be sure to visit the artists galleries as DeviantArt and their websites – maybe purchase a print.

See you all tomorrow with a Dragon by Dragon!

Deviant Friday – Nebezial

Some awesome work today by Nebezial – visit his gallery at Deviant Art!

Deviant Friday – James Ryman Edition

James Ryman – namesjames at deviantART – is on of those guys I associate with the 3rd edition era. He has a slick style – very cheesecake in the early days – that works well in black and white and color. Best of all, he appears to be getting better with each passing year – definitely a guy I wish I could afford to hire. Enjoy …

Deviant Friday – Hannah Christenson Edition

One of the joys of doing these Deviant Fridays, besides the fact that they require very little effort on my part, is that it reacquaints me with artists on deviantART that have sometimes fallen off my radar. Hannah Christenson – Nafah on deviantART – is one such artist. She has a beautiful, fairy tale – children’s book illustration quality to her art. The way the energy of the art seems bound to the structure really makes her art work for me. Heck – she makes illustrations of items come alive for me. Enjoy, and make sure you visit her page, maybe offer some encouraging words and if she’s selling a print, consider buying one.