Monster Tome and Maps

It took a little longer than I wanted due to a need to alter the cover when I got my first preview copy, but the Blood & Treasure Monster Tome hard cover is now available for sale at

What do you get for $21.99?


Who doesn’t need a few more monsters to menace their players? This tome includes 258 monsters, all statted up and ready to go. Most of the monsters also include a sample encounter to help you work them into your games. Although written for the Blood & Treasure system, the monsters are compatible with most old school fantasy games. 172 pages.

PLUS – If you buy the hard cover and email me with a copy of the receipt, you get a free PDF! To paraphrase Eddie Murphy – What a bargain for you!

IN ADDITION – I did a little redesign work on the NOD page on the blog, with (I think) better links to better copies of the hex crawl maps. Check it out if you’ve a mind to.

COMING UP – A different way to value treasure, Trojan campaigns (the city, not the … you know) and whatever else my fevered little mind can dream up. NOD 24 is in the works as well!

4 thoughts on “Monster Tome and Maps

  1. Yes – that's my next step. Hard covers and soft covers require slightly different cover dimensions, and so unfortunately it's not as simple on Lulu of just saying, “Hey, do this in hard and soft covers.” So – I'm going to create the slightly different cover and order a review copy and then, within a couple weeks, I'll have the soft cover up for sale.


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